The Leading Investment Banker, James Dondero

Various financial institutions function in the same manner, but there are slight differences that distinguish them. Commercial banks, retail banks, and investment banks work in the same order, but investment banks differ from the rest in the sense that they do not take deposits from clients. In some countries such as the United States, the separation between commercial banks and investment banks is maintained. Some countries with matured economies, comprising of G7 countries have not conserved such separation since the rise of investment banks. Over the years, investment banking has transformed, handling diverse functions primarily underwriting security issuance. To date, principal sovereign investment banks focus on three product sections: investment banking, asset management and trading, brokerage trading, and principal investments.

An investment bank, unlike other financial institutions, helps organizations, individuals, and the government in acquiring funds through underwriting securities or representing their clients in the issuance of securities. They provide advice to organizations on how and when they can keep their securities on the open market; this is an essential task since it determines the investment bank’s reputation. They also help corporations that deal with mergers and acquisitions and offer ancillary services. Larger investment banks provide various lines of business including sell side and buy side while smaller investment banks and broker-dealers concentrate on investment banking and trading, sales and research. Among the huge investment banks and bankers that have made a positive worldwide reputation is the notable Highland Capital Management that was pioneered by one of the great minds, Insidermonkey’s James Dondero.

James Dondero has been in the industry for almost three decades and his experience, and incomparable prowess has taken his investment bank to a different level. His experience in credit markets has earned him several awards and accolades and is recognized as one of the authentic masters and gurus of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). James Dondero currently plies his work with Highland Capital Management as its co-founder and president where he handles the company’s investment strategies and operations for institutional and retail products. James Dondero is a force to be reckoned in the investment bank industry, and his name is hailed around the world for his excellent job to clients.

As a pioneer in investment banking, Mr. Dondero is fully equipped with various strategies and techniques to push Highland Capital Management through during crisis and hard times. His risk management skills are fascinating and have helped him keep the company afloat during the credit crunch that hit the company back in 2008. He holds a unique attitude that sets him aside from the rest of the investment banks, and he believes that his company needs to be the messiah for his clients and save them from themselves during various drawbacks. He portrays great tenacity and lack of ambiguity that sets his hedge fund at the top of the list of investment banks.

Investors and institutions can opt for James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management for experienced expertise in hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, CLOs and institutional separate accounts. The award winning company has it all at &

Contemporary Art Collection By Adam Sender

Any journalist who has reported for the contemporary art world for a long time is familiar with what it means to be an obsessive collector. An obsessive collector builds mansions just to accommodate art collections. He /she continually add more designated rooms, which serve as galleries and contain no single furniture. One such a person is Adam sender. He founded the Hedge Fund Capital Exis Management Company and is the world’s leading art collector.

Adam Sender’s Collections

Over the last two decades, Mr. Adam has amassed vast contemporary art collections hence elevating artists to the horn of stardom. Acquiring artworks is a simple thing- theoretically, it depends on the availability of time, good advice, and money and anyone can achieve that. However, making smart choices repeatedly for over a decade is something else. It takes guiding wisdom, passion to build a vast coherent collection that is engaging and surprising at every turn, and completely logical in the manner it progresses from one art to the next. Indeed, Adam sender has achieved that. He has assembled massive accession from the very best artists around the world. The scope of his vision covers more than 400 works by more than 130 artists. This is an overwhelming number of works on the block of one person.

Passion in Art Collection

Adam Sender describes himself as a pursuer of excellent works of artists who have long careers in art. Prior to his art collection initiative in 1998, Mr. Sender worked for SAC Capital Advisors LP. He was among the first hedge-fund managers to begin contemporary art collection. In a statement, Sender explains how he never envisioned the adventure of embarking on his passion and obsession of art collection. However, Mr. Sender understood that contemporary art was his passion and everything he ever wanted to pursue.

Sources of Sender’s Art Collection

Sender’s vast collection holds great works from both young and established artists. The youthful artist includes the likes of Diana Al-Hadid, Rashid Johnson, and Jim Lambie while the established ones include Barbara Kruger, Mike Kelley, Jenny Holzer just to mention a few. Moreover, there are more great pieces of art that have never been in seen in public view in any of the company’s exhibitions. Adam Sender loans pieces to institutions such as Los Angeles and Guggenheim Museum of Art. There has been diverse anticipation regarding the public view of sender’s contemporary art holdings. Few years ago, he planned to put the collections in a private exhibition space, which would hold more than 800 works. In a turn of events, he considered becoming a board member of the neighborhood Parrish art museum instead of buying disused church near his homestead. Adam Sender alsowas discussed by BusinessInsider.

A Good Job Gone

I used to work for a company called Town Real Estate Residential and I have to say I am kind of missing my position at the moment. The reason for my job change is that my family and I moved out of state six months ago, so I had to leave my job behind. As of now I am working in a healthcare office down the road from our new house. So far everything has gone well, except for the pay. Having a steady income when I worked at TOWN Residential is definitely something that I deeply miss. At this job I am constantly worrying about not bringing home enough money. Thankfully, we made the move for my husbands new job so he has more than enough to cover my losses.

Although his hard work is greatly appreciated, I still wish that I could somehow help more than I am now. As much as the thought kills me, I think I am going to need to pick up a second job on top of my secretary position. Many times I have thought of taking on the 100 mile drive to my old job every day, but I don’t think my husband would like that idea. Maybe sometime soon I will be able to come up with a reasonable idea that will be suitable for both my husband and I.

To me it is really hard to cope with the fact that I went from TOWN Residential which is an amazing company, to working for a small doctor’s office that does not know what good pay means. All the frustration still lingers, I try and hold my head high for the kids sake and pretend that I actually enjoy my new job. I think deep down they can tell I am unhappy, but as a mother it is my duty to slap a smile on my face and pretend that everything is going perfect. Seemingly a difficult task for some, but for me it is simple, as I love my children and would do anything to keep a smile on their faces as well as mine.

Bruce Levenson Is A Hard Worker

Bruce Levenson has made a success of himself and his career. He had given the things that he does his all in order to do well in them. He is a man who, when he is determined to do something, will go out there and make it happen for himself. That is what he did with the company that he co-founded and helps to run, and that is what he did when he set out to purchase an NBA team for himself.
Bruce Levenson on knew that owning an NBA team was something that he wanted to do in his lifetime, and he made it happen. The hard work that he has put into every aspect of his career really paid off for him the day that he was able to purchase the team. Not a lot of people can say that they were able to own a sportsteam in their lifetime, but now Bruce Levenson can say that he did. He has the joy and honor of being able to do that, and all because of the way that he has worked his whole career. If not for the ambition that he showed in his life early on, he never would have made it as far as he has.
There are a lot of people who will just sit back and let others run the world, but Bruce Levenson is not one of them. He cares about the life that he is living, and the career that he has, and he has always had goals in mind while he was working. There were things that he wanted to be able to do for himself, and he worked hard to make them happen. He can be an inspiration to those who are wanting to own an NBA team, or who want to do anything big in their lives. All that people need to do is to look at the career that he has had and the life that he has lived, and to realize all of the hard work that he has put into each thing that he has done. If they can imitate him and do the same with their lives, then they will be well set. Bruce Levenson is a good example of a hard-working man.

How Business Has Changed to Technology and Technology Professionals

Technology is around us everywhere that we look. Just a few decades ago the thought of being able to play games, get directions, surf the web, listen to music, read the news and so much more from one device was absurd. You use to have to use the radio to listen to music. You used to have to use the telephone (at home) to make a phone call or find and use a payphone. You used to have to ask for directions or buy a map. You use to play games like Yahtzee with friends, not Candy Crush Saga on a device you carried in your pocket. You use to have to purchase a newspaper to read the local happening and to surf the web, well you had to have a home personal computer to access the internet. As you can see, it has changed a lot about the daily activities in our lives.

How Technology has Changed Business

The same goes for the business industry as well. Before recent advancements in technology businesses had to keep track of their data, their inventory, their payroll and so much more manually. When it came to purchases, everything was done with cash and receipts was a handshake or handwritten, unless you had a fancy calculator or register that could print receipts. The thought of purchasing something without actually being in the store to purchase it was also very rare. Today all of that has changed. Payroll is managed by software systems; purchases are mainly made online through websites and online stores. When it comes to selling products or services, you are almost guaranteed to have to have a website to be successful. Technology has brought great convenience to our lives both on a personal and business level.

A Business and Technology Executive

What most people do not think of are the individuals behind the technology advancements or better yet the individuals that manage and run the systems behind the scenes so that they provide us with their intended functions. One of those individuals is Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan is a Business and Technology Executive, who was born in the United Kingdom in 1960. Shaygan attended Aiglon College in Switzerland during his high school studies. After high school, he further pursued an education in electrical engineering at Cornell University. He has obtained a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and his doctorate in the field. His first position after college was handling network routing, management, and control at GTE Laboratories. He then went on to work at Verizon as the president of their e-business division. During his employment here he helped with the implementation of Fios. He later went on to work at Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer and as the CEO of Juniper Networks. From 2010 until 2013 Shaygan was a board member of United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and is currently a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

Great New York City Real Estate Is Only A Phone Call Away

If you’ve ever taken the time to go online and search for a new place to live, maybe you’re shocked at all the different places that are available in your area. You may be equally shocked if there are very few places in your area to move to because many places may not want to list their locations online. One of the best ways to find out different places that are available to rent or purchase is by hiring a real estate agent. Many people don’t take seriously the fact that real estate agents can be a better resource than searching online for new homes, but real estate agents are still a great resource.

New York City has some amazing homes, and they may come in the form of a penthouse, a condo, an apartment, a loft, or maybe even a house. With all the places that are available in New York City properties, it may be difficult to decide what type of place you want to look for. If money isn’t a problem, then you’ll have the pick of any homes that New York City has to offer, but more than likely you’ll want to stay within a certain budget. No matter what your budget may be, even if it’s high or low, your real estate agent can help you find a great place that fits your budget.

A budget is not the only thing that people look at when they are moving around New York City because many people want certain amenities when they move to a new place. If you know you’re moving to an apartment complex, then you know exactly what you want to have in your apartment. If you don’t drive, you’ll want public transportation to be close by. If you’re moving to a high-rise building, you’ll want to make sure that you get a place with a great view. Maybe you want an updated condominium instead, which has some of the latest appliances. No matter what kind of amenities you’re looking for, tell your real estate agent, and they can help you to get it.

Working with a real estate agent can be extremely helpful for those who are pressed for time. Not everyone likes to sit at their computer for hours each day trying to find a new place, especially when they have to work every day. It can be pretty painful to go to work all day, and then you have to come home, and then you work some more by looking for a new home. Town Real Estate is a great agency that can help you to find an amazing new place in New York City, so give them a call today.

Crystal Hunt Creates Riveting Performances

When an actor engages you in a dynamic way and invites you into the world of their character, you feel as though you know them. Crystal Hunt has entertained TV audiences and silverscreen audiences. She first captured hearts playing the troubled teenager Lizzie Splauding on Guiding Light. She now joins the ranks of Emmy award winning actresses. She has taken audiences on a riveting journey throughout the course of her career.

Hunt was discovered at the Actors Workshop in New York. An agent immediately offered representation and she soon booked the role on Guiding Light. She made her film debut in The Derby Stallion where she worked alongside Zac Efron. When her film career took off, she left the small screen for an interlude to focus on the silver screen. Her next venture was Sydney White in which Amanda Bynes was her costar according to

Soon, Crystal Hunt longed to return to the world of soap opera. She played the juicy and scandalous role of Stacy Morasco on One Life To Live. Audiences were thrilled that she decided to return to soap opera. Ever since she won an Emmy for Guiding Light, Crystal Hunt has been considered a staple in the world of soap opera.

The versatile actress took on further engaging projects. She costarred in Lionsgate’s NYC Underground. The thriller was a knew type of project for Hunt, and allowed her to be part of the seedy world of drug dealers. For contrast, she also starred in the film 23 Blast, a heartfelt and homegrown tale of a high school football player.

Crystal Hunt’s career shows no signs of slowing down. Her current projects include the Magic Mike XXL and Queens of Drama. Because of the popularity of the Magic Mike franchise, Crystal Hunt is now exposed to a wider audience.

In addition to her numerous acting projects, Hunt has decided to try her hand at producing. She produced an Alfred Hitchcook inspired horror film entitled Talbot County alongside her best friend Dania Ramirez. Hunt was excited to take on the role of producing. She has the strength to work on both sides of a project. Many A List actors have chosen to go the route of the the actor producer because they have more control in the creative process. Some actor producers include the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Crystal Hunt is an award winning actress that is always eager to take on new challenges. Perhaps her path as an actor-producer will open even greater opportunities.

Joseph Bismark Proves Spirituality and Business Can Mix


Joseph Bismark can be labeled a spiritual leader and a business leader, and has enough accolades under each title to prove they are true. However, to him most likely both positions are the same because he believes that when you find balance in your life then power comes naturally. 

The same appears to be true to Joseph Bismark according to an entry on the blog We Don’t Love These Hogues that discusses how the director of the Qi Group has helped to build a strong business that relays on spirituality to remain strong. The blog discusses how Bismark chose to live with monks for two years in the Philippines and then went right into the business world upon his return.

However, he went into business believing that everyone has the potential to succeed if they find the balance of things in their life. Therefore, while he has grown his company he has also worked hard to help his employees grow as well. By allowing his employees responsibility and social leadership they are honored to work at his company and that motivates them to do their jobs well. The return of course is a business that is prospering simply due to the legion of happy, valued, and dedicated workers.

Just inspiring his workers was not enough for Bismark however as he created a Corporate Social Responsibility department at the Qi Group to make sure that the company was helping to inspire others. He also created a new venture that allowed the company to get involved specifically in wellness markets as well as organic food markets.

Recently he has reached out even farther by opening up the Malaysian Quest International University Perak that focuses on allowing students to research how to leave a better mark on the world. The aim of the school is to understand how important their carbon footprint is.

Wikipedia Encourages Readers To Write An Article Or Edit An Existing One

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia site. The content available on the Wikipedia site is can be created by anyone and edited by any Wikipedia writers for hire. There are style guidelines that govern both processes, however, the site makes it easy for “those who dare” to create articles or to edit existing ones. Here are a few things that are essential to know before you create or edit an article on the Wikipedia site.

Creating an article
All topics must be a subject that has already been published in reputable publications, like books by major publishing houses, newspapers, and magazines. All of the information must be verifiable by third party sources.
-Register with the site as a user.
-Search Wikipedia to make sure there is no article that currently exists for the topic.
-The site has an Article Wizard that will assist you in creating your article.
-Save your work periodically on you own drive, so that none of your work gets lost. The wizard also assists with proper format of references and citations.
-You can add images, sounds, and videos to your article.
-Sign your contribution and save/create your work.

Editing an article
-It is not necessary to register with the site in order to edit an article. However, some articles are protected from general editing, it must be revised by sending a request to an editor who is authorized to edit that specific article.
-There are two subcategories that a revised work will fall into, ‘minor edit’ and ‘major edit’. A minor edit signifies that small changes like a typo or a format change in the presentation occurred. But, a major edit signifies that the meaning of the article has changed, information has been added or deleted. The “talk” button can be used to communicate with other editors of the work before any changes are made.
-Sign your contribution and save your work, then click the “show preview” button.

The Wikipedia site strives to be user friendly for all those who are bold enough to share and edit information on the site. There are a variety tools available through the site, and tools that are compatible with the site to assist writers. All articles on living persons are held to a stricter standard of sourcing requirements. Encyclopedic information is to be neutral in presentation and provide a survey of information that already exists on the subject matter.

A History of Visual Effects

One thing that has always set films apart from plays is their ability to use visual effects to create out of this world scenes that would otherwise be impossible. Bloomberg says that visual effects have been a part of films since the silent era, and continue to be developed today to create stunning moments of all kinds.

in 1902, the French filmmaker Georges Méliè released A Trip to the Moon. The short silent feature is credited as one of the first films to rely on visual effects. While the film itself was unpopular it did innovate with some of visual effects that remained in effect until the late 20th century. The film introduced concepts such as stopping filming in order to make an actor disappear, using miniatures to show space ships, and using a backdrop to create a foreign landscape. Méliè’s techniques remained innovative for years, and his influence can be seen on sci fi cultural landmarks such as Star Wars and the Terminator movies.

The digital revolution changed industry, but some industries were revolutionized by it. Visual Effects as they exist today are completely changed from the practical prosthetic make up of the 1990’s. Post Production on films continues to take up increasing amounts of a film’s production time. One of the most common methods of post production Visual Effects is the green screen. In this special effect, actors perform on a set of an oddly colored green. The camera records the video digitally, and the film is sent to a computer program that is designed to only edit things of that green color. This allows editors to safely draw on the film without risking the image of the actors. In the early stages this technique caused an awkward white border around the actors, but that border has become virtually nonexistent in more recent versions of green screen editors.

One effect that has become famous was the resurrection of Micheal Jackson for a performance. Years after the actor’s death, visual effects editors created an image of him that could dance and sing on stage with live backup dancers. John Textor was one of the leaders on the project. The single song took 8 months of time to create. Textor explained that it was an optical illusion created by projecting Jackson onto a plane of glass at a 45 degree angle. Textor explained that the hardest part was overcoming the uncanny valley; an expression used to describe when an illusion looks slightly unnatural and makes viewers uncomfortable.