The Encouragement of Marc Sparks

The business world is a cutthroat environment. Everyone is trying to get to the top, and they will do whatever it takes to make it. Even in the midst of the businessmen that are pushing their way to the top, there are kind gentlemen like Marc Sparks that believes in playing it forward.

I feel encouraged when I see how someone like this is able to pass along the wisdom that has he has about building a business. What is even more impressive is the $5,000 that he gives away to through Spark Tank for the winner with the best idea and business plan.

Socially conscious businesses are often hit and miss. Some people have ideas that the world will embrace; others produce business plans that just don’t hit the mark with society. The first thing that a non-profit organization has to do is gain the trust of those that they are acquiring funds from. That is what makes the Spark Tank such a valuable competition for entrepreneurs. It is a very valuable way for entrepreneurs to get money to promote their organization and fund the staffing.

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks is helping others because he has gone through the hardships of building a ton of different businesses. Before Marc Sparks came onto my radar I had never heard of the term serial entrepreneur. I really didn’t know that it was a thing. Now I know that serial investors and entrepreneurs take on a lot of different business challenges.

I love the way that Marc Sparks has made people take interest in putting their best business ideas to the task. There are times when a business profession may try to put a business out to the public and they will do so without putting their all into it.

First impressions are everything in the business world. If entrepreneurs put their businesses out there without giving it their best, customers may fail to give the business a second chance. What Marc Sparks has done as a venture capitalist is put himself in the shoes of the entrepreneur.

He has made himself quite helpful by putting these businesses in competition. It is like he is giving the business a trial run before it gets further into the mainstream.

Sparks gets the competition going. There are some finalists that make it to the top three. The businesses that do not make it this far know that there are some improvements that need to be made. Other entrepreneurs that get into the top three will also discover that they are doing something right, but they still may have some improvements to make as well. All finalists get the benefit of increase exposure from Spark Tank competitions.

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Don Ressler’s JustFab Dominating E-Commerce Fashion Landscape

Businessman Don Ressler is no fool, especially when it comes to perfect branding. He realizes that e-commerce is changing the fashion industry in a major way, and yet some top designers have ignored their online audiences.

Not Don Ressler; he saw the amazing opportunities and quickly jumped into the e-commerce pool with partner Adam Goldenberg. These days, the forward thinking co-CEO pair are watching their JustFab baby and its off-shoots change the fashion landscape.

JustFab is the online subscription fashion retailer that sells quality made shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry to women around the world at great savings. Some 4 million have signed up as VIP members, and the number grows larger each day. The items are handpicked for your personal boutique based on your style preferences at

From the sketches to the designs and final production, every JustFab piece is borne at their spacious L.A. headquarters, leaving out the middle man and passing the excellent value on to their members.

Each month, customers are offered beautiful, on-trend JustFab items in large varieties. The subscription buyer does not have to shop; the choice is always yours. You can click on the “Skip the Month” button in your boutique by the 5th of each month and you won’t be charged. If you forget to click, then your credit card will be charged $39.95 on the 6th for a member credit until you cancel.

Don Ressler is also excited to see how well his Fabletics brand is doing. The off-shot retailer was also co-founded by Adam Goldenberg and actress Kate Hudson and features trendy active wear for women on the go.

Kate Hudson is known for her casual chic style both on and off the red carpet. She lives a healthy and busy lifestyle and is often seen in colorful leggings, tank tops and the new athleisure dresses the brand has launched. The actress recently made a TV commercial for Fabletics, where most of it was shot by her personal iPhone. It shows Kate working out in real moments, something her loyal fan base appreciates.

Don Ressler and his partners are confident the Fabletics brand will continue to skyrocket and have planned on opening up to 100 new brick and mortar Fabletics retail stores across the country within the next five years.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been a genius branding pair, establishing several health and beauty market leaders in the past.

Evolution of Smooth Equals Best Organic Lip Balm on the Planet

It doesn’t matter if you have full lips or thin ones, all lips need nourishment because of their skin composition, lack of substantial melanin and zero protective oil glands. Lip balm is one of the smartest beauty products to always have on hand, because our lips need a shield, especially when we’re out in the sun.
As any good dermatologist would tell you, the proper lip balm matters, and those are preferably organic ones formulated with essentials like jojoba oil, shea butter and lots of Vitamin E. Also key is a lip balm that offers decent broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Evolution of Smooth, also known as EOS lip balms are the perfect solution, featuring all the right organic formulas for a healthy, supple set of kissable lips. The texture feels like butter, smells amazing and delivers sweet flavors that are long lasting. Plus, EOS offers excellent anti-oxidant protection, so lips stay youthful and healthy.

Your lips can get sunburned if not protected with a constant layer of lip balm. Reddening and swelling are the most common symptoms of sunburned lips, but blisters and peeling are also uncomfortable indicators. In addition, lip cancer can occur from sun damage, even though most people are unaware that the lips are an easy target for those searing sun rays. Because of its prominence, the lower lip is most vulnerable to skin cancer.

Applying a soothing, moisturizing lip balm like Evolution of Smooth works wonders, and its all natural ingredients also provide healing for dry, cracked and burnt lips. The neat, round ball-like EOS balm allows for easy gliding on to the lips and has instantly become a favorite balm of loyal fans. EOS also sells a few stick lip balms for those who like the traditional shape. Check out their Facebook page.

EOS makes organically perfect lip balms. For more info visit their website,

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Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms Protect Nourish and Taste So Good

You need to wear a lip balm every day of the year. Think of it like sunscreen for the lips, because it’s essential to healthy, moist, younger-looking lips. Everyone’s lips at every age need that wonderful balm shield to provide protection from the harmful sun’s UVA/UVB rays.
Every lip balm brand is different, so before purchasing, look for balms that do more than just smell yummy.

EOS lip balm, Evolution of Smooth lip balms stand out among the rest, not only for their unique organic compositions but for their convenient ball-shaped sphere, sun protection base and delicious, long lasting flavors.

Dermatologists advise always wearing a lip balm, especially if you’re playing in the sun, because lips can burn and even develop skin cancer. Lips lack necessary oil glands, so they need extra moisturization to keep them soft, kissable and healthy. Smoothing and hydrating ingredients are key, like EOS lip balm‘ shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E formulas. Evolution of Smooth balms feel like butter gliding across your lips and contain the right amount of anti-oxidants to keep lips looking youthful.

Evolution of Smooth are a must-have lip balm for the beach and any outdoor place you want to visit. They’re super convenient to tote with you, and you can re-apply as often as you wish. With amazing flavors like Coconut Milk, Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Mint and Lemon Drop, you’ll fall in love with more than one. They are so incredibly yummy and smell divine; plus they are all natural, gluten free and reasonably priced.

Loyal fans love Evolution of Smooth lip balms for many reasons and have shared their reviews on shopping sites like See, Customers have given EOS lip balms 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, which is a nearly perfect rating. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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U.S. Money Reserve and the Bronze Telly Award

Obtaining the honor of being selected as the recipient from over 12,000 potential competitors from coast to coast and pandemically, the Telly Award is an unsurpassed immense achievement epitomized by the U.S. Money Reserve. It reflects the efforts of excellence in the most renowned advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operations and corporate video departments on the globe.

They received this prestigious Bronze Award of the 37th Annual Telly Awards for their published article “Philip Diehl IRA” which details and accentuates the IRA and 401K plans accessible and clearly defines employee retirement and their health fund portfolio.

It is totally controlled by the U.S Government and IRS,and the Gold Standard IRA facilitates and promotes individuals to transfer currency into a precious metals IRA which excludes any possible imposed tax penalties.
According to U.S. Money Reserve,this is a great and proven alternative to invest in gold because of the superior benefit for Americans to safeguard their utilized cash flow and secure an imminent future of successful economic outcome. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The Telly Awards was created in 1979 and is considered the champion accolade recognizing local, territorial cable television commercials and programs, best video and film productions, internet commercials, videos and films. The Telly Council is the determining and monitoring governing body comprised of distinguished seasoned professionals who have been former recipients themselves.

The U.S. Money Reserve was established in 2001 and situated in Austin, Texas is the greatest United States and international government private trading merchant enterprise of circulated gold, silver and platinum commodities.

Thousand of clients nationally trust and rely on the U.S. Money Reserve to transform their capital into precious metals primarily in the structure of U.S. gold and silver mintage.

Their exclusive and professional adept group encompasses coin exploration and numismatic qualified skilled personnel to seek out prospective commodities that present the ultimate as well as advantageous financial gains in precious metals for consumers.

They profoundly escalate above and beyond and exceed the industry’s criteria, reputation and expectations to offer excelled customer assistance with the inherent focus on building permanent and congenial alliances with every client on their platform.

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Get the Best Law Enforcement and Correction Services from Securus

Securus Technologies is an American company. The organization was established in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. It is a big company that deals with solutions in criminal justice technology and civil technologies to enhance safety to the public, monitoring and corrections of the prisoners. It also helps with solving critical investigative issues in the US. Securus Technologies is an efficient and reliable company. Many agencies that deal with public safety, corrections and law enforcement rely on Securus Technologies to acquire high quality and efficient services. The company’s technological solutions are powerful, easy to use and efficient.

Securus has a great vision to work and collaborate with top notch performing companies to make their services perfect and to win more clients. Their aim is to enhance safety and also to change the lives of the wrongdoers and law breakers. It is always at the forefront in pointing out the wrongdoings in the country. The company released articles and findings and facts about a leading the wrongdoings of a leading company known as Global Tel Link (GLT) on June 7, 2016. They released the results in a press release which highlight critical integrity breaches from GLT which is a leading firm in providing the services of inmate communications in the USA.

The company has a good leadership team. They have useful strategies in dealing with wrongdoings. Securus chief executive officer, Richard A. Smith, have a great passion for law enforcement and ensuring public safety in the country. The findings of GTL annoyed him. Smith has a good team of employees who help in service delivery.

The company offers phone services to the inmates. They ensure that the family members are always in touch with their imprisoned loved ones. Due to the excellent and efficient services they offer, they received accreditation and also A+ ratings from Better Business Bureau in 12th May 2016.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda Melzer): The President of Grupo RBS

Duda Melzer is the current president and chairperson of Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is a major Brazilian corporation in the media industry. He is also the chairperson and the founder of e.Bricks that is an investment company in the line of digital industry. The company has its operations in the United States of America and Brazil. He is currently serving as one of the board members of Biennial of Mercosul, the Ibere Cormago Foundation, and E.Bricks digital company. He is also a participant in the special conferences that include, Sun Valley and Google, Zeitgeist, by Allen & Co.

Duda Melzer graduated with a business and administrations degree from the PUC-RS and went forth to pursue a master’s degree from the University of Harvard and graduated with an MBA degree. His career began in the United States as a Consultant for the Booz Allen Hamilton Company. He later moved on to serve as the senior financial analyst at Delphi group of companies. He also became the Director General of Boxtop media which is a non-traditional media company.

In 2015, the third generation in the Sirotsky Family, he was chosen to be among the list members of leaders of the Family Enterprise for Cambridge Institute. This institute brings together new generations of family members entrepreneurs from all over the world annually. 25 individuals are chosen from all over the world that takes family business and is considered to the society as good examples.

The most significant influence for Eduardo Sirotsky has been John A. Davis, the Harvard professor, who is an expert in leading family business and one of the most sought consultants in the world. For Duda Melzer, any successful business is distinguished by good governance. John A. Davis developed his implemented strategic concepts.

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Makari, Celebrating Luxury Skin Care

 Youth and beauty, sought after by many. Skin care products line the shelves of stores and pile up on the bathroom vanities of homes. Many are used and then quickly discarded due to broken promises.
Makari is a leading brand that has entered the skin care market with the intent of leaving no broken promises in its path. Makari means “beautiful” in Swahili. The products are proving they can live up to their name. They specialize in exfoliating, tone, tightening, or moisturize your skin. At Makari, they take their time creating their products using the most nutrient-rich ingredients so that the products they sell are high quality, with fast-acting results.
The Makari brand is leading the world in skin whitening creams and skin lightening products. They help to Reduces Dark Spots, Fades Acne Scars while fighting the signs of aging. Some of their favorite items include Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap, Makari Oralight, and Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum.
Makari is so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that they allow online reviews of each item to be left. Just visit their site, read the reviews of the items you would like to try and purchase!
Makari also leads the industry in customer service. If you are in need of some assistance in making the right choice, just out the contact form located on the website and they will be in touch to walk you through every step of the selection process. Your satisfaction is important! Still unsure? Login to Makari and order the free Makari Sample! The sample includes a luxury skin lightening cream that lightens your skin naturally and safely. This free sample of either the Body Beautifying Milk, Skin Repairing; Clarifying Serum or Night Treatment Cream contains a sufficient amount for approximately 4 applications. Just pay shipping and handling! Makari knows the products work and after your free sample, you will be back!

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Lovaganza – A Future Filled with Hope

It is an ambitious goal to say the least but to founders Genevieve and J. F. Gagnon, the vision of creating a worldwide human chain for peace is a goal they truly hope to achieve.

The mission: To bring a universal quality of life for all humanity. A pretty tall order to say the least but so was manned flight, landing on the moon and the ability to see beyond our own galaxy, great achievements that we do not give so much as a second thought to these days. And maybe someday a universal quality of life will be just as commonplace. But to attain such a lofty goal will require an incredible outreach of cooperation and a shared belief in the human spirit.

Described as the “mother of all foundations” the success of Lovaganza is centered around a concept of unifying organizations and foundations which share a common hope for humanity throughout the world. That hope is to inspire a celebration of culture, dance and music that will bring together the uniqueness of people from 237 countries that span across 5 continents and practice the 17 principal religions that all stand as one.

Through the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, funds will be generated to finance the work necessary to achieve each of the foundations milestones as well as fund its various programs and documentaries created to inspire awareness and participation in the global campaign for humanity.

The first milestone of Lovaganza is to realize a universal quality of life for each and every child on earth by the year 2035. That universal quality of life is to include access to safe drinking water and food; a safe place to sleep; adequate clothing; access to basic education; access to basic healthcare and safe environment for all children in the world to live.

Once a universal quality of life has been brought to the children, the second milestone of Lovaganza is to extend the same universal quality of life for all humanity by the year 2050.

By taking philanthropy to a greater and universal level, a renewed hope for humanity can in fact be achieved. This is the hope of Lovaganza.

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Changing with the Climate

KCRW’s “Press Play with Madeline Brand” speaks with Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Squaw Valley boasts some of the largest ski areas in the United States and Madeleine wanted to know how the increasingly warm winters have been affecting the winter sports and resorts of California.

Bottom Line? Although attendance has dropped 20% this past winter, Mr. Wirth was optimistic. “I still have quite a bit of skiing,” he replied when asked how the increasingly warm winters have been affecting the company.

Mr. Andy Wirth elaborated by saying that he and his colleagues across the nation’s resorts have been able to create more and more snow and are also shifting their focus to include all-year events such as weddings and athletic competitions.

This past winter, Squaw Valley Resort only accumulated enough snow to have 4,000 out of a total of 6,000 acres of available slopes and trails available for skiing. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

But by creating artificial snow and managing the business against climate, Mr. Wirth was very confident in the future of his and others’ winter destination. “We take managing this resource very seriously,” Mr. Andy Wirth went on to ask-and answer-“What is our legacy?.”

He is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the resort and working with renewable energies in response to a changing climate. “We care very deeply about these mountains,” Wirth concluded. Having served Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010, its CEO is certain that Californians and people across the world will be able to enjoy Squaw Valley for years to come.

Yes, the climate is changing but Andy Wirth will change right along with it and provide us all with a place to enjoy the dramatic and varied landscapes that the Golden State has always achieved and continues to offer.