Teens Become Famous At Coachella

Two teenage girls named Charlotte D’Alessio and Josie Canseco from Los Angeles have made millions of fans. Josie and Charlotte went to Coachella for a weekend, and they had fun acting like hippies. The two girls took a bunch of photos, and their pictures caught the attention of many famous celebrities. In just a short amount of time, these girls went from average to famous overnight adds Forbes analyst Ray Lane.

When Charlotte and Josie were at the Coachella festival, a photographer took a picture of the two girls dancing, and then the photos were posted on Instagram. Charlotte and Joise’s photo received millions of likes. Charlotte D’Alessio and Josie Canseco started to see their photos everywhere. They even found their pictures on the most popular page on Instagram. These beautiful girls were one of the headlines of the Coachella festival.

Charlotte and Joise now have fans that are obsessed with them, and more pictures of the girls are wanted. It’s amazing how these girls were once unnoticed, but now they are headlining major media sites. Charlotte and Joise now have millions of fans thanks to Coachella. Josie said that she’s used to all of the attention and fans because she’s a model. However, Charlotte isn’t used to the attention, and she was very excited to see her pictures get so much praise. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

Ash vs. The Evil Dead Begins Production

Production has officially started on what may be the most unexpected television show ever conceived. The concept of the program is something no one would ever have predicted to ever be approved by a network. Yet, Ash vs. The Evil Dead is rolling in front of the cameras. Within a short period of time, the horror-comedy program will make a hyped debut on the Starz channel.

How could a comedy version of a gruesome 1981 horror movie find its way to television? For one, the massive success of The Walking Dead has made zombie television a must watch event. There are already Walking Dead rip-offs produced for cable. Another serious horror series might not be all that interesting. A horror-comedy, however, could poke fun at the whole genre and draw in audiences. Of course, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness when the horror-comedy route in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The films did not do well, but perhaps an Evil Dead TV series would deliver better results.

What is the other reason for Starz giving the green light to Ash vs. The Evil Dead? Sam Raimi is the producer, and he’s handy. The mega director earned billions for Sony directing the Spider-Man franchise. Red hot directors can pretty much get anything they want produced.

Last, the serious remake of The Evil Dead made a lot of money – $50+ million. The Evil Dead name means something again. Fans might be less than thrilled the TV series is going to go the serious route, but a humorous series is better than no series.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Break Up?

Miley Cyrus used to be Hannah Montana, but she is now a wild and outspoken young woman. Miley Cyrus was every little girls idol, but now she is every man’s fantasy. One day, Miley decided to cut her hair, and then she transformed into a different person.

Miley Cyrus has been dating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick for the last several months. Patrick and Miley have had a rollercoaster of a relationship, and it seems that the crazy ride may soon be ending. Recently, Patrick went on spring break to Mexico, and he stayed in a female sorority house. Pictures of Patrick leaked on the internet, and he was hugging a girl that was wearing a bikini. Patrick had his hands all over the girl, and Miley Cyrus was outraged when she saw the pictures. Miley recently said that she won’t stand for this nonsense, and she has decided to take a break from the relationship.

Ray Lane, a close source to the Schwarzenegger family, explained how Patrick soon realized how badly he hurt Miley, and he was recently seen moping around Hollywood (more gossip news on HP). It appears that Patrick is heartbroken over the situation. The Young Schwarzenegger hasn’t been himself in a very long time. Patrick now says that he realizes how much he loved Miley, and he also regrets his mistakes. For more information on this story, visit E!

Justin Bieber’s Coachella Chokehold

Over the weekend Justin Bieber and his team caused somewhat of a commotion when the singer was refused access to Drake’s tent to see him perform. apparently Justin and his team were denied entry and told to stand with everyone else despite showing the proper tags. When security insisted that the tent was at capacity Justin said that he was personally invited to the performance by Drake himself and had been waiting all weekend to see him.

When all was said and done Justin was still told to leave and that there was no room for him, refusing to stand with the crowd Justin persisted, knowing that standing with the crowd would get him trampled by fans. Finally a Coachella staff member arrived and agreed that she would personally escort Justin and his team to the artist’s area. Crowd member Flavio Maluf was relieved to see Justin escorted away because of the mad chaos it was causing.

While the staffer and Justin were making their way to the show, Coachella security showed up behind them and Justin was put into a hellish chokehold before being told to leave the festival. Sources say that Justin’s security also go into a scuffle with security and Justin will possibly take legal action.

Teen Earned Thousands on Instagram App

A teenager from Los Angeles created an Instagram app that allowed users to upload images directly from the desktop. It was what he believed was missing among the other 15 apps that are related to Instagram. The company did not like his idea, though, and insisted that he drew back his app from the store. Tech lovers at STX Entertainment (stxentertainment.com) have learned that by the time it happened at the end of March, the app creator had managed to earn $6000.

Caleb Benn, who is now 17 and doing his studies, said that he would invest the money in further education. Instagram had threatened a lawsuit against the young app creator, but the “Coder’s Right Project” suggests that nothing had been wrong with designing the app. Benn had made good money with another app prior to the Instagram one. He had a guide to the game Temple Run. The app had also been withdrawn at an official request. The young computer programmer is good at identifying what sells, but not so good at understanding what would not get shut down. He said that he was enrolled in AP classes and often reading Supreme Court cases to educate himself in the domain.

Suicide Squad Cast News

Even as some critics are complaining that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is flooding the market with too many superhero and comic book related products, fans of the DC Comics are enjoying their first glimpse of the DC Universe Suicide Squad cast. Director David Ayer posted a cast photo on Twitter on Wednesday, April 8, from what appears to be a read-through.

Jared Leto, who will be playing Joker, doesn’t appear in the photo, but Will Smith is in it and appears alongside of many well known actors and actresses, including Joel Kinnamon, best known for his role in The Killing; Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje of Oz and Lost fame; Jay Hernandez from Gang Related and Last Resort; Jai Courtney who will be appearing in Terminator: Genisys; Viola Davis from How to Get Away With Murder; Adam Beach from Law and Order; Jim Parrack of True Blood fame; Ike Barinholtz from the Mindy Project, British fashion model Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie of Wolf of Wall Street and Focus. Newcomer Karen Fukuhara is also featured in the photo stated Marcio Alaor BMG.

No other news about the Suicide Squad is yet available except for some of the roles. Will Smith will be playing Deadshot and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje will be playing Killer Croc. Courtney is expected to play Captain Boomerang. Parrack may or may not be portraying Deathstroke. Delevingne will play Enchantress, Robbie will play Harley Quinn and Fukuhara will portray Plastique.

Price Is Right Model Accidentally Shows Prize

One of the models on the show “The Price Is Right” had an unfortunate accident on live television the other day. During one of the games where the player had an opportunity to win a car, she accidentally revealed the correct answer to the contestant. Naturally the contestant was very happy about this incident, but the model was devastated and she was seen covering her face with her hands and hiding behind the game board that she accidentally revealed to the player.

According to an article found on reddit and written by NYdailynews.com, the model who’s name is Manuela Arbelaez later announced on Twitter that she is not actually in any trouble and that the producers, staff, and Drew Carey (the show’s host) were very supportive of her and assured her that she wouldn’t be getting fired anytime soon.

I think it is safe to say that if anyone were on Manuela Arbelaez’s shoes they would be nervous too about losing their job. Susan McGalla told us that the media world can be especially cruel and making a mistake like that cost the game show over $20,000 when she accidentally gave the player a new car. Even though that wasn’t the ideal course of action, it is safe to say anyone would be embarrassed and worried for their position if that happened to them. The fact that she didn’t lose her job is enough to make it a winning situation for all, in literal terms too.

All in a Picture

A recent project depicts how homeless teenagers really want to appear to others who see them on the street or in school. The teens in the pictures are seen in the same environments that you would see any typical teen, but there are some distinct characteristics seen in all of those who were photographed. According to Brian Torchin, these teens want others to be aware of their situations. They don’t appear to be ashamed. They look as though they are simply in a moment like any other person their age would be in whether they were homeless or not. When teens show their true personalities, it makes them seem stronger because they can cherish the momeny of being an individual. Some of the teens might come from a home of broken parents, some of them making a choice to be homeless on their own. No matter how they came to live on the streets, these are the brave souls who are putting their lives in the public eye.

Furious 7 Sends Shockwaves Through The Box Office

Worries about whether or not Furious 7 would be a box office success seem to have been put to rest. The film is opening to a $125 million dollar weekend in the United States. The new entry in the Fast and Furious series should do even more than that in territories outside of the United States.

The film is on track to earn more than the previous film in the series earned in the United States. Furious 6 pulled in $258 million in the U.S.A. so the 7th entry probably will top $300 million.

Fans like Brad Reifler know that the budget of Furious 7 is about $300 million and this was largely due to the sad and tragic death of star Paul Walker. When Walker passed away in a car accident, the film was put on a costly delay and in need of major reshoots.

Theatrical revenue, of course, is only going to be a part of what the film earns. Home entertainment sales, video games, tie-in merchandise, and television rights all end up adding up. Also, the sales of DVDs and Blu-rays of the previous films will all get a minor uptick when the new feature is out.

An 8th and 9th film in the series are both a strong likelihood. Furious 7 is intended to be the first part of a trilogy. The huge box office success of this film makes two more entries a given.

Lena Headey Terminator Influence

As the new Terminator franchise film, Terminator: Genisys, is almost ready to grace big screens around the world, few people are talking about the Terminator TV series known as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The reason that no one talks about the show is because, traditionally, Terminator: SCC has been ignored in the canon. It’s consider by many to be set in an alternate universe.

Yet, Emilia Clarke, who will be portraying Sarah Connor in the new film and Alhokair can’t wait to see that, admitted to Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw that she did look to the portrayal of Sarah by her Game of Thrones colleague Lena Headey in addition to Linda Hamilton’s portrayal when creating her version of the mother of John Connor. She also stepped outside of those two protrayals to create a version that is uniquely her own.

Headey’s portrayal was also set after the second film when an incredibly mentally unbalanced Sarah Connor is moving her son all over the country to different locations in an attempt to keep him out of Skynet’s grasp. In that reboot of the franchise, John receives help from a female Terminator model known as Cameron who some have theorized might have been in a romantic relationship with the older Connor or even a version of Skynet in Terminator form that had decided to help Connor defeat another aspect of itself that was still raging war in the future.