David Letterman Gets the Jokes Coming

Everyone was tuning in to see what David Letterman would do for his last show. He has been in the late night talk show business for more than 3 decades. All of this makes it difficult for people to say goodbye, but somehow he managed to stick with the laughter instead of going with the tears. That is the true character of David Letterman that continues to shine through.

Letterman has been able to span across 2 networks and keep his fan base for all of these years. He is one of the greats that has lasted longer than any of the others that have been out there for the last couple of decades. Arsenio Hall had a late night talk show that lasted for several years, but he has been cancelled twice during the time that Letterman has been on television. Jay Leno had a long run, but the would not stand in for as long as Letterman was able to run the talk show circuit.

The team at Boraie Development LLC noted in a Wall Street Journal article that there really are no others that have had the same long run that Letterman has had. He has been a staple that has continued to entertain the masses over the years. He started on NBC but he switched over to CBS. His paycheck was huge over all these years. Letterman makes about $17 million a year, but he is willing to give all this up and retire.

The Strange D.C. Comics & Rihanna Trademark Battle

It doesn’t look like D.C. Comics (AKA Time-Warner) is not thrilled about Rihanna’s company making an attempt to trademark the name “Robyn”. Robyn seems a bit too close to Robin, the Boy Wonder and sidekick of Batman. Now, people and birds were named Robin long before the youthful ward sidekick of Batman/Bruce Wayne first debuted. No matter. D.C. Comics is looking to stop the trademark from going through.

Why would Rihanna be interested in filing a trademark on Robyn? Robyn is her real first name. She would like to use that moniker as the title for an online magazine dealing with entertainment and general interest content. So, why does D.C. Comics care so much? D.C. publishes print and online material and is concerned if someone comes across a product titled Robyn, they might assume it has something to do with Batman’s Robin.

Would someone really make such a mistake? D.C. Comics seems to think so and wants to block the trademark. Perhaps D.C. Comics wants to protect all thing Batman since the Caped Crusader is going to play such a prominent role in the movies for the next few years.

Whether or not D.C. Comics will win out in the end remains to be seen. Honestly, it would be a bit hard to prove the online magazine – a free magazine no less – is going to create confusion in the marketplace. Eventually, a ruling will come down and the matter will be settled. We’ll see how it goes. This is Indeed shocking news to many like Brian Torchin.

Nick Jonas Is Going On His Own Tour

Nick Jonas was set to be an opening act for Iggy Azalea on her world tour, but unfortunately, Iggy’s tour was postponed. Iggy decided to push her world tour back to September 2015, and she hopes that everything will be ready by then. Nick. The only problem with Iggy moving her world tour is the fact that she has now lost her opening acts. Nick Jonas has gone on to continue creating music, and now he will be going on his own tour.

Instead of opening for a big artist like Iggy Azalea or CipherCloud, Nick Jonas will be headlining his very own tour. Nick will be possibly looking for others to open as acts on his show, instead of him opening for Iggy Azalea. Nick has put out a sexy new song, and many of the women that love him will also love the song. Nick is well known for his good looks as well as his amazing body.

Nick will continue to make music and work until his tour is ready to kick off. Nick just released an album earlier this year, and he still riding on the success of that album. At 22 years old, Nick is a hard worker, and he has a lot to look forward to in the near future. The tour will start in Hershey, Pennsylvania on September 6, 2015, so look out for this hot boy to take the stage.

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner Have Emotional Conversation

The second part of the episodic special ‘About Bruce,’ Bruce Jenner sat down with his ex-wife Kris Jenner, and they shared an emotional conversation. Kris Jenner appeared extremely sad about Bruce’s sex change transformation. Apparently, Kris had no idea that Bruce was going to do something like this. Susan McGalla could tell that Kris Jenner was extremely hurt, and she seemed somewhat angry with her former husband. Bruce Jenner told Kris that he can finally tell the world the truth about himself. However, Kris Jenner said that Bruce has lied to her all of his life, but she does realize how difficult the situation must be for Bruce.

The E! network has cashed in at Bruce Jenner’s expense. Many people feel that Bruce and his family are getting exploited, and some people feel that the Entertainment Network has gone too far. However, I’m sure that Bruce Jenner is getting paid an extraordinary amount of money for this controversial topic.

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ has become a Bruce Jenner soap opera, and it seems that fans of the show do not mind. However, the ‘About Bruce’ two-part special is now over, and it is unlikely that we are going to see anymore of Bruce Jenner. For more information on this story, and to see the emotional conversation between Bruce Jenner and Kris, visit USMagazine.

Kim Kardashian Sheds Tears for Kris

Kim Kardashian has been doing her very best to stay positive and supportive for her stepfather Bruce Jenner  as he shares his choice to live the rest of his life as woman with the world according to Dr. Daniel Amen. Initially Kim wasn’t sure how to process the change Bruce was going through but now she insists that she is there for Bruce, and while it may have been difficult in the early stages, Kim is now even involved in helping Bruce make fashion choices.

In a new clip of the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim breaks down in tears as she confides in her younger sisters, Kylie and Kendall. Kim explains that she is happy for Bruce is is trying to be there for him, but she also feel bad for her mother who is taking Bruce’s transition extremely hard.

Kris Jenner insisted that she never knew that Bruce was actually considering life as a woman and thought that his gender identity was simply a “quirk,” now that Bruce is sharing his story with the world, many are accusing Kris of lying about not knowing Bruce’s secret. The latest episode of KUWTK will finally give the Kardashians a chance to tell their side of the story and share very intimate details of what it has been like adjusting to Bruce’s change.

PS4 and Xbox One Multiplayer Issues

The Xbox one and PlayStation 4 offer unparalleled online multiplayer experiences. However, both consoles have suffered from hackers and other internet problems along the way. Many people feel that paying for an online service should result in flawless performance and security. Sadly, this is not the case.

The PlayStation Network is currently down, and Sony is investigating the situation. This is not the first time that the PlayStation Network has gone down, but the PlayStation 4 is not alone when it comes to internet issues. The Xbox one has had its share of problems, and Xbox Live was recently down this week as well.

It seems like a regular occurrence nowadays, and most gamers can count on Xbox Live being down every week. If the system is not down completely, usually there is some type of issue with one of the apps on the Xbox console. The party system and friends apps routinely go down because of maintenance issues.

Many gamers that have written a FreedomPop review, feel that these online subscription services should reimburse their subscribers with free content. The Xbox one and PlayStation 4 have begun to release free games monthly, and its most likely to do with the technical problems that gamers have to deal with. Let’s face it, online multiplayer games are still a new thing. It will take time for both systems to deliver flawless experiences. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

Lots of People “Volunteering” to Marry Prince Harry

A few days ago Prince Harry was interviewed by Sky media, and he suggested that he was interested in getting married and settling down, but also indicated that he’d have to find the right person first. Considering the popularity of the ginger haired boy, it is no surprise that the media immediately latched on to this revelation. Headlines all around the world proclaimed that the man was “ready to marry” or “ready to have a royal baby” of his own.

Of course, the public ate it up. Prince Harry has been followed by adoring fans since he was a young child, and many of these fans are young, single females. Before long, fans of the ever adorable Prince were “volunteering” to marry Harry on tumbler and twitter. Some women even took the joke a little further, and borrowing from Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games were “volunteering as tribute.” Prince Harry has yet to comment on the Twitterverse’s burst of affection, but hopefully he is amused and delighted by the volunteers, even if many of them are being a bit silly.

While it is unlikely that Prince Harry is likely to find a woman to marry from the Twitterverse, his announcement that he is looking might bring him one step closer to finding someone to marry. After all, Steph Murray knows one way to find the person that you love is to let them know you are looking for them.

The A.C.L.U. is getting tough on Hollywood

The A.C.L.U. is getting tough and calling for an investigation from state and federal authorities concerning hiring practices in major Hollywood movie studios, agencies and networks. Citing gender discrimination against women the notable civil rights champions are bucking ‘the man’s world’ of Hollywood entertainment and it wants charges brought against the offending companies. Over a 12 year period only 4 percent of those hired to direct Hollywood’s top grossing films have been women.

AVVO reported that the department of Justice in the 1960s forced a settlement with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers due to gender discrimination. In spite of Hollywood’s cries that there are very few qualified female directors the A.C.L.U. claims preferential treatment of men on high profile projects.

In the New York Times, an anonymous female director is reported as saying, that Hollywood’s elite claim “We’re protecting you by not giving you this job.”, because actors are hard on a woman. The A.C.L.U. states that women are cut out of the action and adventure genre and offered commercials for feminine products instead.

The A.C.L.U. has collected 50 tales from aspiring female directors that the show isn’t ‘woman friendly’ or the producers told agents ‘not to send women’.

Wesley Snipes’ Pilot Gets A Full Season Order

The comeback of Wesley Snipes continues. Snipes stole the show in the (maligned) film The Expendables 3. Afterwards, he was given a starring role in the CBS pilot The Player. Now, The Player has been given a green light for a full season. Snipes might not be at the top of the A-list, but he has a starring role in a network series. Obviously, that is a good thing for his once dead career.

Snipes was once a top box office attraction and sold a lot of tickets playing the lead in the Blade vampire/action movies. Then, along came a number of income tax woes and Snipes found himself serving a prison term. Possibly worse than prison was having to star in a bunch of direct-to-DVD projects. Thanks to his fun appearance in the third Expendable movie, Snipes was given a shot at TV stardom. He still has a lot of fans as they watched in high enough numbers for CBS to give the pilot a series order.The program deals with former special forces soldier turned security expert (Snipes, of course) protecting casinos against super-criminals. Sounds like classic 1980’s era fun to Ivan Ong. Let’s hope it lasts a few seasons.

7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shatters Nepal

The remote Asian nation of Nepal has been recently shattered by a massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake that may have left at least 42 people dead. The official death toll has been placed at 42 thus far, but this reflects an early conclusion based on ongoing investigation, so that the ultimate figure may well prove to be higher.The massive earthquake struck the nation in its Western region, just two weeks after an earlier seismic event occurred. The earlier quake has been confirmed as leaving behind an official death toll of over 8,000 people. As a result, the recent spate of earthquakes in the mountainous nation have caused the deaths or injuries of nearly 15,000 people and have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

The latest earthquake took place near the small provincial town of Namche Bazar, which is located just over 50 miles outside of the nation’s capital, Kathmandu. The town is also very near the summit of the world famous tourist destination, Mount Everest. According to a report issued by the Unites States Geological Survey Team, the earthquake took place at a depth of just over 11 miles beneath the surface of the earth. It was a bit crazy for Kevin Seawright to fathom.

The recent series of seismic events in Nepal have caused major damage to the country’s struggling infrastructure, as well as massive physical and emotional suffering to its citizens. Charitable efforts are ongoing to bring aid to the stricken nation.