Josh Trank Talks About The Fantastic Four

The new Fantastic Four reboot is hardly shaping up to be the most anticipated Marvel superhero film of 2015. Both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron are greatly overshadowing it. The seemingly overly serious, melodramatic approach the film is taking is not winning any new fans and the first trailer was a bit of a dud.

Director Josh Trank has responded to long-time fans of the series about why he has gone the route of following more “Ultimate Fantastic Four” themes. Basically, Trank has pointed out that the old model of the series was a little outdated. A major, modernized reboot was required in order to make the film property relevant again. Audiences already saw two FF films that followed a path closer to the original comic books (albeit the films went a tad overboard on the silliness) wasn’t going to standout.

Fantastic Four is a tough comic book to adapt because audiences have seen great superhero teams in the form of the X-Men and The Avengers. Is there really an appetite for any variation of the FF?

Maquina do Esporte says that despite the atypical style of the movie, fans will give it a chance. Hopefully, good reviews and word of mouth will save it.

James Dornan Stays with Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey seems to have a polarizing effect on people across various mediums. When it reached theaters, it has gotten low ratings on sites such as IMDB. However, that didn’t stop it from bringing the profits. As a matter of fact, many people who have seen it has a lot of things to say about the acting and the chemistry between the characters. Crunchbase users and Brian Torchin, they say it was badly written, badly directed, the actors shared no chemistry, and other issues with the finished product

There have been rumors that James Dornan was leaving. However, it has been revealed that he is sticking with the series as they are thinking about shooting Fifty Shades Darker. There have been no official plans for the filming and the release of the anticipated sequel. Fans are just going to have to hold their horses and be a little patient for a while.

A Game Of Thrones: We May Hate

Game Of Thrones has become the greatest television series of the last decade. The show is broadcast on HBO, and it has turned into something truly special. The new season of Game Of Thrones will debut in April, but the creator of Westeros has a warning for us all.

In a recent interview, George R.R. Martin tells the fans of Game Of Thrones to stay on their toes during the fifth season. Martin also said that the story writers of the show are more bloodthirsty than even he. The fifth season of Game Of Thrones will greatly differ from the book version of the story.

George R.R. Martin thinks that we might actually hate the new season of Game Of Thrones. I’m begging to wonder if Martin is uncomfortable with the changes of his epic creation. However, I do understand that the writers of the television version of Game Of Thrones may want to keep everyone guessing. A Game Of Thrones is the first book in the series, ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ published by George R.R. Martin.

The readers of ‘ A Song of Fire and Ice,’ such as Bernardo Chua, have been able to predict the future of the television series. Find more on Chua at Now, everything will change, and that may or may not be a good thing. Hopefully, George R.R. Martin’s vision is not too drastically altered. For further information on this article, visit Buzzfeed.

Vin Diesel is The Last Witchhunter

A lot of news is circulating regarding Vin Diesel’s latest film, the $200 million Furious 7 event. Many people can’t stop talking about his turn in Guardians of the Galaxy. How many have taken time out to hype up his other big film The Last Witchhunter? Okay, in all fairness, that particular film does not come out until late October and Furious 7 is right around the proverbial block. Those interested in a rebirth of the horror genre might want to check out some of the details surrounding Diesel’s horror opus. Looks like the film has the perfect mix of action, adventure, and chills.

The Last Witchhunter stars Diesel as an immortal who, naturally, hunts down witches. A major coven of black witches wants to unleash a great deal of havoc on the world. Diesel will have none of that, of course. Flavio Maluf says the stage for the eternal battle between good and evil is now set!

The film is not going to be a pure horror affair and definitely is not going to display a lot of visceral violence. Diesel is, mainly, an action-movie star. So, the film is going to be heavy on the action. Hopefully, the proper horror elements will be there ensuring the film is a thoroughly enjoyable one. Since the feature is slated for the week before Halloween, the horror aspect probably will be pretty strong.

Isn’t that Kurt Russell listed as one of the actors in the cast? Yes, it is. Consider that another reason to look forward to this feature’s release.

Virginia Teen Performs Good Deed

A young man in Virginia is being praised locally for the good deed he performed the other day. Tommy Adams, a high school senior, was on the way home from school with his mother when, seemingly at random, he asked her to stop the car. Not knowing exactly what was going on, his mother complied with Tommy’s request. Once the car stopped he hopped out and ran over to an elderly man who was shoveling his driveway. While they were driving by, Tommy had noticed the older man who was using a walker and attempting to shovel the snow out of his way.

People at Rocketfuel have learned that Tommy approached the older man and asked for his shovel. Tommy began shoveling the rest of the snow for the man, while he stood back and caught his breath. Tommy’s mother Theresa was so proud of her son that she stepped out of the car to take of picture of him doing his good deed. Opposing Views online has the picture of Tommy on their site. When asked about what made him stop to help Tommy said that the elderly man looked tired and he couldn’t believe that any decent person could pass by him without lending a hand.

The Female Cast of Ghostbuster 3 Will Keep the Spirit Alive

It should come as no small shock that after almost 25 years the idea of a Ghostbusters sequel might seem far fetched. However, Sony recently announced that not only will there be a Ghostbusters 3 but that it will not feature the original cast. According to, it won’t be featuring a male cast at all. This led to quite a backlash among the fan community which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone trying to reboot a movie like Ghostbusters. Every fan, like Jaime Garcia Dias, has their their own hallowed idea about how the franchise should take its next steps, but one of the main criticisms has been for the all female cast.

Dan Aykroyd himself supports the decision citing the strong talent in the new cast which includes Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. Though everyone wants to see the original cast return for the next installment it is better for the franchise to make a new start. Not only does the length of time between movies hinder a return to the original but so does the current tone of superhero/comic movies. Most comic movies today have a decidedly grittier, darker tone than those in the past and if Ghostbusters was anything, it was a comedy. By going with an all female cast known for their comedic acting backgrounds, Sony made the right choice to keep the sameGhostbusters theme at heart.

Valentine’s made Extra Special because of one Teenager

Valentine’s Day is either the best or worst day of the year, depending on your status in the romance world. Although millions of people rush out to buy that special gift for the one they care about, millions of others are left in the dust for lack of a significant other. High school years are particularly hard on girls at Valentine’s time. It is difficult to watch others receive a special gift and be left out.

There is hope for mankind though, as one high school student proved this Valentine’s Day. According to Jaime Garcia Dias, the student spent his entire summer working towards one goal. He wanted to make every girl in his school feel special and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. It was a small gesture of candy and a short note, all meant to be anonymous. The gifts were given to the more than 1,000 girls in the school.

The idea was so popular and so overwhelming for the girls that they went in search of the anonymous donor. He was found and now he is receiving full accolades, including a spot on the evening news. He just felt that everyone should feel special. As for him, he has no girlfriend, or at least he did not prior to his very thoughtful gifts and expressions of kindness. It is a little good news in a world that is more intent on bullying others than caring for them.

Teenager Invents Potentially Groundbreaking Medical Device


Dialysis machines cost upwards of $300k making it impossible to patients to receive treatments in the comfort of their own homes. One teenage girl volunteered her time and brainpower at a local hospital. After watching the dialysis patients become exhausted from their treatments, Anya Pogharian determined that if there was a way to take the dialysis machine home then the patients would suffer less. She then put pen to paper and worked out a prototype for an inexpensive home dialysis machine. Pogharian has landed an internship that will provide her the opportunity to test her prototype with real blood to determine its base level of functionality said Susan McGalla. If perfected, the device would only cost approximately $500 and open the door to care for those who could not otherwise afford treatment. It could also greatly help patients deal with the 4 hour long treatments and the following fatigue by eliminating trips to and from the hospital. Insurance companies would have to pay out less money for the visits solely for dialysis. Overall this invention could be positively groundbreaking, especially if it is funded by a major medical equipment company.

Fired Over Twitter?


What’s worse than being fired on your day off? Some would say getting the boot the day before you even start. And via Twitter no less. Recently a teen going by the Twitter handle CELLA made the news for just that. She was let go via Twitter for comments she made on Twitter regarding her impending employment said Fersen Lambranho. But is this a case of simple teen rebellion? Find me a teen that loves their part time job and I’ll introduce you to my neighborhood leprechaun. Many feel that while the teen’s Twitter comments might have been ill conceived, they did not warrant dismissal.

Was the pizza joint’s response a bit extreme? Not if you consider the fact that in today’s social environment, a viral tweet can ruin a business. Cella has already demonstrated that she has a propensity to tweet negatively about her place of work. Given that, would you want her working for you?

The Recruiting Classes That Do Not Matter


When we watch National Signing Day go on and on, it is hard to rank these recruiting classes. There are people out there who think that they can rank these classes, but we will not know anything until these players get on the field. Some of these highly-ranked players are not going to see the field for one or two years. Therefore, they are not that important in the grand scheme of things. They provide depth that might never be used.

When we say that USC is higher than Alabama in recruiting, that is nice. However, we all know that alabam would still crush USC if they played right now. A long string of good classes is one thing, but ranking the classes in the moment is silly. We should know better than to make these kids think they are going to turn their university upside down just because their recruiting class was special.

We need to wait for the season to start to see what these schools can do. Some of these kids will be amazing, but it does not matter thinks Remember that Jerry Rice went to Mississippi Valley State University. I see no pundits checking out their recruiting class.