Now You Can Feed Your Pets Food Good Enough To Go On Your Table

Now, pets and the people who love them have more options available when it comes to healthy food. In fact, it seems that the healthy and fresh movement has extended from human to pet food.

As reported in various media outlets–including a recent article in The Daily Herald–the pet-food industry is increasingly using healthy ingredients and offering consumers a variety of premium alternatives to the standard fare.

According to Facebook, “sales of premium dog food have surged 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009 and now account for more than half of the market.” With pet owners around the world trading up to higher-priced pet foods, experts predict the trend will continue.

What is Behind the Changing Trends in Pet Food? Respected CEO Speaks Out

Richard Thompson is the chief executive officer of Freshpet Inc, a small gourmet-food manufacturer. They manufacture the only industrial refrigerated pet food on the market.

Recently, when asked about the changes in the $23.7 billion pet-food industry, Thompson said, “This is the next level of how people are going to feed their pets.”

Because of the increased focus on pet health, consumers are increasingly searching out brands like Freshpet, Blue Buffalo Co, and Beneful. Pet owners are looking for high quality ingredients that will contribute to the health and wellness of their animals.

To the Dog Owner Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Healthy and Fresh

Every pet owner wants a happy, healthy dog.

Discerning owners looking for high quality, nutritious food often turn to Beneful. In 2014 alone, dogs around the world enjoyed nearly 1.5 billion Beneful meals. Backed by Purina’s strict quality controls and comprehensive food safety program, Beneful is made in U.S. facilities with onsite quality assurance laboratories and staff. Beneful is formulated by professional pet nutritionists and veterinarians.

Whether you’re looking for dry dog food, wet dog food, or dog treats, Beneful dog food and dog treats are made with wholesome ingredients. Your dog or puppy will enjoy eating real meats and vitamin-rich veggies.

Sales of premium dog food are expected to continue to rise as more pet owners trade up to premium brands.



How Does George Soros Gauge the EU’s Moral Hazard?

Successful banking involves calculating the risk of different investments. George Soros 2008 prediction suggested that a more serious economic crisis was looming, including a “Superbubble.” How does George Soros gauge the European Union’s “Moral Hazard.”

“What is Moral Hazard?”

For the novice, the concept of Moral Hazard simply means dangers to morality. The Economic Times described the financial definition of Moral Hazard as a “situation in which one party to an agreement is protected against risk because the other party will incur the cost.” Walk-away NINJA mortgages are one good example.

The NINJA loan stands for “No Income, No Job, No Assets.” When an individual has no real financial wealth that can be expropriated should he default on a loan, he has no real incentive to repay said loan. He feels like the law cannot punish him and he can simply “walk away” from his mortgage.”

“George Soros Statements on Moral Hazard”

On April 11, 2011, Bloomberg George Soros discussed Moral Hazard. Soros stated “[t]he evidence is overwhelming that the first priority of the authorities is to prevent a market collapse, and everything else has to take second place.” Investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were permitted by the Federal Reserve to convert to bank holding companies.

Soros continued, “Europe’s refusal to allow members of the monetary union to restructure their debt has added to moral hazard in the financial system. Look at the situation in Europe, for instance, where authorities are insisting on no renegotiation or restructuring on outstanding debt because that could possibly provide a financial banking crisis. At the present we bail out, but in the future we will bail in. It has absolutely no credibility.”

“Europe Did Not Respond Like America”

A core element of George Soros 2008 prediction that the European Union might continue to suffer involves the failure to respond with debt restructuring and political regulatory reforms. Even the United Kingdom responded to the 2008 Credit Crunch by replacing its regulatory Financial Services Authority (FSA) with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Regulatory reforms allow the citizens to believe that the system has been fixed. This re-establishes trust in the minds of citizens and investors. The European Union is starting to crumble because the people no longer trust the politicians.

“George Soros Looks Long-Term”

Unlike politicians who have a short-term focus, Billionaire Investor George Soros has a long-term focus on macro-economic implications. He discussed the increases in moral hazard in 2008 and 2011. In 2016, Bloomberg reported that George Soros believed that the “global markets were at the beginning of a crisis.” In 2016, the EU’s moral hazard might be looming even larger than in 2008.

Helping The Community Of Grand Rapids

When Leslie Tassell, an auto parts maker and founder was told she looked like a million dollars by Dick DeVos, she decided to donate $1 million to a cause he was involved in. In West Michigan it is said that your wealth has nothing to do with power, it’s has to do with how much you give away. The DeVos family lead the way in giving a lot of money. So far they had already given $1.2 billion, this is according to Forbes magazine. In 2014 alone, Dick and Betsy have managed to donate $94 million, landing them in the twentieth spot on the top fifty givers list.

The family always want to be discreet about their philanthropy but, by saying how much they give; after much nudging, they are hoping more people would be encouraged to give. They also are big advocates of conservative political contenders and their opinions. Back in 2013 the DeVos family gifted $90.9 million. Forty eight percent of that money was doled out for educational purposes, another twenty seven percent went to health, churches received thirteen percent and another twelve percent was allocated for the arts and culture. Most of these donations were done in the Grand Rapids.

From the donation in 2014 a total of $54 million was handed out to West Michigan. The DeVos have a total of five endowments where the family work together, giving firstly to the West Michigan area. This is where in 1959 the elder DeVos started Amway, with his best friend Jay Van Andel. For the last five years, the Doug and Maria DeVos foundation has given a total of $2.6 million for Public Schools in the Grand Rapids area. Those monies were allocated for teaches training, guidance to students (making sure that students understood what was being taught).

The DeVos family want all the seventeen thousand children who attend public school, to know that the family is supporting them all the way. This is part of why Dick decided to found the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school for students interested in flight. The other factor that went into the founding of the school is that Dick is an avid pilot himself and wanted to share his love of aviation with those less fortunate.

They are also supporters of Christian services that helps the disadvantage by helping them with meals and providing them with a stable environment.

Devos is said to be the second richest person in Michigan. In 2015 he was noted by Forbes magazine again to be worth around $5.7 billion. The family DeVos has helped some many different people across Michigan and still continues to support the community.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

To learn more about the life and work of DeVos, check out his personal site:

Marcio Alaor: Shoe Shine To VP

A vice president of a bank is a big deal. It takes many years and a lot of experience to gain a vice president position, but Marcio Alaor knows that determination is the number one thing that put him into the position of vice president of one of the biggest banks in Brazil.

As a shoe shiner, Marcio Alaor made sure that he was always doing the best job that he could. He was never satisfied with just sliding by and made sure that all of the work that he did was high-quality. He was a very proud person and worked to ensure that the shoes he shined were always the shiniest and that his clients were always satisfied. One of his clients, an executive at BMG bank, took notice to the excellent work that he provided while he was shining shoes.

This executive was so impressed with Alaor’s work that he felt he deserved a position at the BMG bank. He knew that he could not throw Marcio Alaor into a position that required experience and further education, but he knew that he could put him into an entry-level position. While he was almost certain that Marcio Alaor would excel in the position, he still wanted to see what the young man was able to do. He made sure that he always kept an eye on him while he was doing the job of the entry-level banker. He also monitored his progress and was often surprised with what he found.

Marcio Alaor’s mentor was not disappointed with the work that he was doing. He quickly saw that Marcio had exactly what it took to rise to the top. He made sure that he was always able to be there to mentor him, but also saw that Alaor could do a great job on his own, without the probing of others. Marcio Alaor quickly advanced out of the entry-level position and began succeeding to make his way through the ranks of the bank. He made sure that he always consulted his mentor for help whenever he needed it.

As the vice president of BMG bank, Marcio Alaor knows what it is like to truly rise from the bottom to the top. He did this process very quickly, but he managed to show everyone that they were able to do it as well. The one thing that Alaor always had throughout his journey to the top of the command chain at BMG was dedication. He remained dedicated and driven. Even as the vice president of the bank, he never stops pushing for excellence. He aims to be the best he can be and has been greatly rewarded for his efforts at the bank.

Jon Urbana Keeps Tweeting About Cool Things

Something new is always appearing on Jon Urbana’s Twitter account. The man behind the Next Level Lacrosse Camp (read about Jon Urbana’s lacrosse achievements) always has something interesting to tweet about, especially when Urbana is using his pilot’s license to fly the friendly skies. The sheer variety of Twitter post subjects are going to keep his CrunchBase followers guessing and, yes, keep them entertained as well – just like he did for so many years on the lacrosse field.

One very eclectic Facebook post features a look at underrated nail polish brands. Most purchasers of nail polish are well aware of the top brands and all their vaunted attributes. They might not be all that familiar with some of the lesser-known brands or ones that do not receive much acclaim. This tweet sheds light on 19 brands.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Political news gets mentions at now and then, with longer form discussions being led and endorsed by Jon through his LinkedIn connections. With the election season in full swing, more news of a political nature is featured. George Pataki just endorsed Marco Rubio. For some, this news was first learned thanks to Jon Urbana’s topical tweets.

A little music never hurt anyone. “Estilo Libre Feat Borja Rubio” has a fine, upbeat tempo that is sure to appeal to anyone interested in a great beat. Music can be inspiring and this selection definitely has the potential to do just that. It gets the blood moving.

Odder political news combines campaign fever with, of all things, flavors of ice cream. Are special ice creams that pay homage to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders coming out? Based on Urbana’s tweet, it looks like someone is making desserts for followers of these campaigns. Stranger things have happened in the world of philanthropy and food.

Animal welfare is something Jon Urbana loves to raise awareness about. Often, food is a subject of the photos with fruit being consistently shown in a special way. “Kiwi” is not overly complicated photo art and the simplicity of the subject is what allows it to rise to lofty artistic heights.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The natural world sometimes suffers. Urbana raises awareness about these things through his writing, actively campaigning for Earth Force, and also on Twitter. A recent tweet about erosion in California may nudge some to become more environmentally conscious. The erosion was captured by a drone. Maybe the damage would never have been noticed if a drone was not deployed to capture images.

George Soros Sees EU On Verge Of Collapse

Billionaire investor George Soros is sounding the alarm and stating that the European Union is “on the verge of collapse” because of the current influx of Syrian refugees into the continent. There are currently more than one million refugees residing in Europe and that number will rise in the coming year.

In a recent interview with The New York Review of Books Soros singled out German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a possible solution to the crisis.

The international financier pointed to Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s doors to fleeing refugees as watershed moment but also stated that the EU “badly needs fixing.”

Soros said that the EU is currently facing “five or sixe crises at the same time,” referring to the refugee crisis, the collapse of the Greek economy, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the upcoming British referendum to possibly leave the European Union.

Chancellor Merkel foresaw that the current refugee crisis could potentially destroy the European Union, according to Soros. And that prediction is coming true, he added. However, the destruction of the EU is not a fate that must be accepted.

Soros believes that Merkel and the German people can lead the rest of Europe by example. Long a proponent of an “open society,” Soros sees a kindred spirit in Merkel. He believes that his experiences running from the Nazi occupation of Hungary and Merkel’s experience of growing up in East Germany under Communist rule mean that they share similar values.

It is time for the German people to decide if they want to “accept the responsibilities and liabilities,” of being a dominant power in Europe, according to Soros.

As Soros comments became public Finland’s Finance Minister, Alex Stubb, gave an interview to CNBC where he touched on similar topics.

Stubbs also praised Merkel on her decision to accept refugees and talked about the “two core pillars” of European integration; the free movement of people and money throughout the EU.
He stated that Europeans should not dway parallels between the refugee crisis and terrorism, stating that the roots of terrorism, “are much deeper that that.”

Yeonmi Park’s Journal of Her Miraculous Journey

Yeonmi Park’s casey and yeonmi autobiography reads like a journal of her life growing up. The major difference between her and many other teenage girls is the journey that she has taken. She isn’t writing about some boy that she has a crush on in school. She isn’t writing about how she hates school. Instead, Park is writing about a life of hardship that will bring most readers to tears. Yeonmi Park is a defector of North Korea, and her story is one that is heartbreaking to follow. As a human rights activist she has opened the eyes to many that just did not realize that this was happening in the world. Park has been able to help others because she wrote an amazing tale of survival. She has received some push back from the critics that are in doubt of the full credibility of her story. Yeonmi Park has been able to go to media sources like Reason TV to voice her opinion on the naysayers. She has become one of the most exciting writers of 2015, and people are very intrigued about the life that she has endured. Yeonmi Park was young when all of the things occurred. She has been able to produce a piece of literature that will be talked about for years to come. The controversy, from the perspective of her book sales, is actually a good thing. It challenges more people to find out more about Yeonmi Park and her cause. She is a humans rights activist that has a platform, and people that are hearing about the book are naturally drawn to her. All of the harsh times that Yeonmi endured are just a section of the book. She has stood strong in stating that her memory may have failed her in some situations, but the bulk of the information is true. She has become a leader, and her book will certainly help her build her case against North Korean and the hardships that people are enduring there. She challenges the rest of the world to do something about this state of injustice that is occurring.

Visual Search Is Quickly Becoming an Everyday Reality Thanks to AI

When people think of using the Internet to search for information on an item they usually imagine typing in lengthy descriptions. But an article in the MIT Technology Review shows that the nature of online searching is changing at a rapid pace. It begins by pointing out something which many people take for granted to the point of not even being aware of it. And that’s the fact that search engines really haven’t changed much in the past twenty years. The nature of the Internet has shifted and changed as the world becomes more connected. The Internet has become the cornerstone of most people’s lives. It’s where people turn for shopping, keeping in touch with friends, and a whole host of activities that were only vague ideas when the web first began to become popular.

However, many aspects of traditional search engines like image recognition don’t fit in with the modern concept of the Internet. As the article points out, typing text into little boxes isn’t the best way to represent the complexities of the real world. This can be most easily understood by looking at shopping. If one were to catch a glimpse at a great pair of shoes than it’d be easy to find in a traditional offline store. But online it’s a whole other matter. Trying to describe shoes in a search engine usually won’t produce many results. And it’s often even more difficult within an online store’s search system.

That’s why some companies are working to create a different method to search online. One of the most successful technologies comes from a company named Slyce. Like many other tech companies they realized the limitations of text based searches. But unlike most, they didn’t accept that the processing speed of common smartphones should be a limiting factor. Slyce devised a unique way of enabling any device with a camera to perform a search based on the actual visual details of an object.

Slyce concentrated on the creation of a local chain of high powered data servers. These machines are able to leverage their immense power to easily recognize exactly what’s being shown in a picture. It can then translate that information into something computers can more easily recognize. This will allow a site, for example, to take a picture from a smartphone and match it up with whatever inventory the company is selling. Slyce even creates a special API to allow customers to easily work with their advanced AI systems. This allows AI and visual search technologies to be used by almost anyone.

The Many Options Assisted Living Facilities Offer

Throughout the United States seniors are moving into places that are called assisted living facilities. There are many different options for seniors from the size of the apartments, cottage or rooms to the choices in care level. Most are focused on tailoring their services to the consumer. Often the biggest goal is to keep seniors active in the community as in life in general.

There are thousands of great choices to be made when looking to move into an assisted living facility. Be sure to look for award winning facilities that further prove the dedication to the seniors that live there. One such place is The Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo California. They have one a number of awards in recent years from best retirement community to an award for always being in sync with California’s high standards are just two of many. They were also voted one of the best in California.

The Manse on Marsh offer many great options they have independent living care, palliative care, hospice care and respite care. The best way to put it is, they have it all! Independent living is perfect for seniors that do not need any special assistance. Yet, they are in a perfect position to easily add it if it is seen as a need later on.

If an individual needs more assistance that can be brought in. They can deliver meals, monitor medication, check on the clients well being and more. It is important to be able to live in a place that can be trusted. Communication efforts can even be set up if the senior would like a family member to be involved in a persons care.

Should any of the residents need end of life care that is also available to keep the individual comfortable a point that A Place for Mom can help with. This includes options for family members to stay the night and have dinner brought to the room. The assisted living facility recognizes how difficult this portion of life can be and they work to provide for the dignity of the resident. Another great offering is chaplain service which can be very useful at that time.

For independent living they offer studio, 1 bedroom, cottage and adjacent houses to accommodate the needs of every particular life style. Service can be brought in on an as needed basis. Another option is a respite stay which, is a great way to for people who are coming out of the hospital yet still require care.

Assisted living facilities are wonderful places for anyone considering being somewhere that has a potential for care if needed. It is an excellent choice for many. This is a great chance to find a great place for mom and dad before it becomes a need.

The Pittsburgh Steelers Have Wonderful Shopping Items Their New Staff Member Susan McGalla Will Showcase To Their Fans

According to a press release on CBS, the Pittsburgh Steelers are releasing an array of clothing aimed at both men and women. The decision seems to be from the impact of demand. Normally, businesses have to guess, research and hope their products are in demand. Well, the Steelers have been more than happy to oblige the fans who are filled with anticipation about receiving their brand new Steelers gear. There is also an technological twist on this story too. In years past, male and female fans of the Steelers would have to wade through department stores to get their favorite gear, or they would have to scramble at games to buy the clothes they wanted, while hoping to get the needed size. This isn’t the case any longer thanks to Susan Mcgalla. Susan McGalla is the brand new Steelers’ director of strategic planning. Ms. McGalla had a surprise for the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers when she announced a brand new solution to all of the letter and email inquiries she was receiving regrading merchandise fans wanted or would see at games and then desire. Susan McGalla had the best technological solution to shopping for Steeler apparel when she announced the launch of the new Steeler’s shopping website Susan McGalla is an expert in retail, and she will do the Steelers and its fans a lot of good. Prior to joining the National Football League team she was the CEO of Wet Seal, and at American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla ran the show as president. The thing that seems to make Susan McGalla so successful according to the article on CBS’ blog is she listens to the fans first and foremost, and she does her best to give them merchandise they desire. It doesn’t matter who Susan McGalla works for; she keeps her ear to the ground, reads the letters and emails and she stays in touch with her clientele on social media. The Steelers are lucky to have her. There will be a whole new stream of revenue flowing their way. They have great merchandise, and they have an better person to market it.