The Real Faces of Soap Stars- Queens of Drama

“Queens of Drama” is a new American reality TV show that first aired in April of 2015. This show follows a group of former soap opera stars that join forces in an attempt to create a new sexy TV show. How successful will this group of feisty women be? That is a part of the fun of watching these women work together. This show doesn’t hold back revealing just how these stunning professionals clash. The series allows viewers to follow these divas and their dramas both behind and in front of the camera.

All of the actresses who star in this show were real soap opera actresses. Lindsay Hartley, who played both Cara Castillo on “All My Children” and Arianna Hernandez on “Days of Our Lives,” is a member of the “Queens of Drama” team. Also, Vanessa Marcil, who is famous for her role as Brenda Barrett on “General Hospital,” and Chrystee Pharris, who played Simone Russell on “Passions,” are on this program as well.

Crystal Hunt is perhaps one of the most familiar soap opera stars in this daring TV program. Hunt has a very interesting show business biography. She started off very early on in show business. Hunt moved from childhood pageants to national TV commercials for the likes of Disney and NSYNC at a young age. She gained national acclaim as Lizzie Spaulding on “Guiding Light,” a role she portrayed from 2003-2006. Hunt was also a part of “One Life to Live” where she played Stacy Morasco in 2009.  Beyond this, Hunt is a photographer, and her entire portfolio is available online.

The character of Stacy Morasco was a spicy role for Hunt, and netted her tons of Facebook followers. Morasco worked as a stripper in Vegas who attempted to take her own sister’s beau, named Rex, away from her. Rex and Stacy had a one-night stand, but Stacy miscarried the baby. Later, she slept with a man named Oliver Fish just to get pregnant again and try to pass off the child as Rex’s. This was a very steamy and dramatic role for Hunt, which she portrayed to great acclaim.

Since “Queens of Drama” is a reality show, it is a real treat to see Crystal Hunt and all of these other stars in their own element. We discover throughout the course of this show that the dramas of the soap opera screen, and the drama of life behind that screen, are actually not so different at all.  For background on Crystal, and the other women starring in the show, visit

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

For dog lover groups on facebook everywhere a dog is more than just a pet. A furry friend becomes part of the family that everyone wants to keep around for a very long time. Nutrition is a key element in giving a dog a long healthy life. The food that a family chooses can either help or hurt their pet. Recently, natural and organic choices have been seeing a rise in popularity. It just goes to show that people want their dogs to have all the same advantages that they do.

Beneful is a dog food company that prides itself on the all natural ingredients that help a dog grow and live a happy life. With brands available on WalMart stores for every stage in a dog’s life, this company is showing that they are a healthy brand that pets will love. In a recent article from, new trends in dog food are discussed. It seems that food with natural ingredients similar to food that humans eat were on the rise for quite some time. Some brands offer refrigerated products that use real meats and vegetables. While this might be overkill for some dog owners there are many other choices that offer plenty of nutrition without the outrageous price tag.
Any puppy will love the taste of Happy Puppy, a variety of dry dog food ( from Beneful which is made by Purinastore. It contains all the calcium and nutrients a growing dog needs along with DHA which supports brain and vision development. Later on in life Beneful offers Playful Life dry dog food. This variety uses a protein rich formula to give a dog enough energy to keep up with anyone. In addition to dry food, this company produces wet food and even treats that help with dental needs. Beneful is making sure that happy and healthy go hand in hand.
The family dog wants all the love and attention it can get. Providing the right kind of food is essential in making sure your pet is always up for a good game of fetch. Beneful can help with every nutritional need a dog may have, and to make it even better dogs will love the taste. Take care of your dog the right way, with Beneful.

Finding Great Fashion At Cut Rates

No matter who you are shopping for clothes is just a pain. If choosing to forego the shopping malls and big retailers and go to the thrift store, it is even worse. On the good end of things one can find some pretty nice clothes (and even name brands) at a cut rate price. Although,if this is the idea on before the shopping starts you are in for a surprise.

Jeans can get quite pricey. Many makers charge 30 to 40 bucks a pair (if you’re lucky to get a cheap pair). The thrift store truly does offer the unique opportunity to get jeans at ten dollars or less a pair. These are name brands and will still look great.

JustFab has begun to offer jeans for women of all sizes. Perusing their site will allow for finding those rare fashion finds that would otherwise be totally out of reach.The brand also offers the ability to sign up for their subscription service. Every month the user of JustFab will get new accessories or jeans as they have chosen at the time of sign up.

Finding jeans at the thrift store on will take some time. Be sure to bring something to drink and maybe a snack because you will need to try on many pairs of jeans. Frustration will drive you nuts as well. It seems that for every maker of jeans, there is a different standard of how the sizes are cut.

Make sure plenty of time is available when thrift store shopping. Many stores do not adequately separate sizes, nor do they even make an attempt to keep the types of clothes separated on the racks. Sometimes dresses and shorts are mixed in with jeans and swimsuits, so be sure that you have plenty of time to shop.

The end of the day does offer some hope though. Finding great looking clothes at a fraction of the price is well worth the efforts. Many times if searching is done well enough, one can even find clothes that are in like new shape. Be wary about what is bought and check it thoroughly before purchasing and a rare gem can be found at minimal cost.

Why You Need to Consider Gold for Investment

Gold has been considered money for many centuries. Even today, it’s known to be a reliable storage of value. Gold has proven to be a hedge against inflation for long time. Nowadays, with paper money being printed on a massive scale, many people lose faith even in the major currencies –

For example, let’s take a U.S. Dollar. Since 2008, the Fed has printed trillions of new dollars. This is going to lead to inflation- either now or later. What’s more, the growing national debt will likely lead to dollar’s decline against some other currencies.

According to Twitter and On the other hand, gold can’t be produced by the central banks. Gold, unlike paper assets such as stocks and bonds, has intrinsic value that can’t go to zero. But, paper assets can become worthless, especially in the cases of corporate bankruptcies. Gold is a scarce resource and because of it, it’s value is bound to rise.

During the times of economic and political instability, gold’s value tends to rise as it’s considered to be safe haven- a quality asset that serves as money. All these factors make gold attractive to investors.

While it’s possible to buy gold mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), some investors prefer not to depend on other institutions and acquire physical gold directly. It’s easily done with gold coins and bars.

It is essential that the buyers choose a reliable dealer who guarantees the products’ purity. One of these is U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest gold and silver distributors in the world. The company is run by former U.S. Mint Director, Philip Diehl.

U.S. Money Reserve offers gold bars as well as government-issued gold coins such as American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs among others. These bullion coins can be acquired in various sizes, ranging from 1/10 troy oz. to 1 troy oz.

This makes them easy to purchase by both small and bigger investors. Larger quantities, such as 1 kg bars, are also on the offer in addition to other precious metals.

With gold’s price nearly 40% off its high, now it could be a good time to start investing in it for the long term.

Venezuela Moves 30 Minutes into the Future

In 2007 President Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela’s clocks back 30 minutes so that the sun would be already up when school children woke and got out of bed.

The government just announced that, effective with May, they were turning the time forward 30 minutes, overturning Chavez’s policy. That will put Venezuela more in tune with how the rest of the world tells time, but it’s not meant to make children wake up in the darkness. It’s to save power. The new time will extend the evening by 30 minutes, so people will not need to turn on electric lights as early, conserving electrical power.

The country is suffering from a shortage of electrical power which the government blames on the drought. The El Nino weather has lowered the water level of the reservoir which powers Venezuela’s hydroelectric power.

Government offices and Osio-owned companies are been ordered to reduce their use of electricity by 20 percent.

Blackouts are becoming increasingly common in parts of the country. To save on power, public sector employees have been put on a four-day workweek, and their Easter vacation was extended.

The president, Nicolas Maduro, has been asking people to dry clothes on old-fashioned clothes lines insteady of using hair dryers.

Opposition leaders are criticizing the government for underinvesting in hydroelectrical power generation.

Venezuela has large reserves of oil fields, but the government resists calls to burn crude to produce electricity because the process is inefficient.



Recruiter, Blogger, and Chiropractor: Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin, originally from Plainview, New York, is a practicing chiropractor who is also the owner of a healthcare staffing firm, Health Care Recruitment Counselors. Torchin is a graduate of the University of Delaware, and resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine. Torchin has a blog and writes articles about matters of interest to physicians, such as “Mental Health Care: Things Docs Should Think About,” “Under Attack! Theft Prevention and Data Backup,” and “Here or There?: The Art of the Referral.” From Postings Torchin offers complimentary consultation to his clients on staff issues, legal questions, and start up marketing. A recent LinkedIn post, “Trimming the Fat: Private Practice on a Budget,” from February 24, 2016, gives practical advice showing careful analysis on subjects such as whether to buy or lease new or used office equipment, depending on the space available in the office and the needs of the practice, and whether to outsource or keep billing in-house.

HCRC provides staffing services to clients in all 50 U.S. states, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia, and is available to help with opening, staffing, and managing medical offices. HCRC offers extended night and weekend hours to provide optimal communication with medical offices and clients. HCRC can help find all types of medical professionals, including medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, doctors of osteopathy, physician assistants, dentists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners and physical therapists. In addition, to provide complete medical office staffing, HCRC can provide referrals for front desk assistants, billing managers, and office managers. They conduct lengthy telephone interviews to screen potential staff, schedule interviews, and conduct contract negotiations. For job seekers, Brian Torchin and HCRC provide individualized career consultation and nationwide search services. For chiropractors, vacation coverage is also provided. As a healthcare recruitment counselor, Brian Torchin is able to place staff advantageously; the salaries of staff he has placed are 95% higher than average postings for all job postings nationwide. has more information about Brian’s career, and where he’s taking HCRC next.

White Shark Media Bound for Tremendous Success

White Shark Media Review Founded in 2011 is a renowned Digital Marketing Agency. As the name suggests the company offers dynamic, viable and effective online marketing solutions to small, medium-sized and start up businesses seeking to grow their customer base through advertising. The company strives to develop new tailored advertising ideas to their clients,

The company has since its inception enjoyed massive accreditation from its subscribers because of its policies that are specifically designed to promote customers interests and those of the company. To this end the company has hired certified professionals who work hand in hand with customers to design the best solutions to designing advertisements.

These effective strategies, in an ever changing advertising industry have seen the company grow to become one of the most trusted and preferred advertisement agency for small and medium-sized businesses.

Testimonials of satisfied customers are proof of this success. Todd L. Who owns Painters from Canada pledges his allegiance to the company as his preferred online advertisement agency. This allegiance can only be because of one reason, which is the excellent result guaranteed by employing white shark media.

Ryley D, who runs the Real Estate Agency from Canada, recommends other small and medium business owners to contract White Shark Media Review for their online advertising needs. Ryley Recognizes the perfect track record of whiteshark Media and stands by their work.

Further reviews: by customers of White shark Media indicate that the company is trusted by many individuals who are not only satisfied but stunned by the amazing results that White shark offered them.

Customers are excited by the increase in sales due to the effective advertisement strategies employed by White shark Media. White shark Media is so flexible that it is always ready to change an existing advertisement strategy in a bid to increase the chances of customers visiting the stores advertised.

White shark Media has an excellent customer service department that addresses all queries as well as advises customers on how to adjust to the dynamic advertising strategies.

Customers express a lot of gratitude due to the company’s policy on following up on the results that customers experience through the advertisements designed and hosted by white shark media.

In an effort to reach out to their customers and offer more tools of communication, the company has a Microsoft Bing Ads platform where customers can share their views and interact with the employees of white shark media. The company can also be contacted through facebook, email and phone call services.

Having been in the market for a while now, it is safe to conclude that White Shark Media is headed for further success owing to the positive testimonials from satisfied clients,


Why You Should Purchase Gold With The US Money Reserve

One needs only take a cursory look back through the annals of history to quickly come to understand how vulnerable paper money on can be to the changing social, economic and political currents. What one tends to find is that paper currency always tends to collapse given a long enough period of time, especially during periods of intense economic upheaval, upheaval similar to the China Market crisis which has been destabilizing financial markets on the world over of late.

Gold, in stark contrast tends to maintain it’s value (and in some cases can even achieve much higher values) during these periods of economic disaster and financial downturn. Why? Simply because gold is not as beholden to the strictures of governments and states as paper currency on What tends to happen with fiat currencies (such as paper currency since any government can, with the proper political finessing, print as much of it as it wants) is that it will be produced to the point of worthlessness whilst gold can not be similarly reproduced since it is so rare and can not be artificially manufactured on a wide scale. What all of this means is that there is no better safety net for one’s financial portfolio then gold and no better place to get it than the US Money Reserve.

The US Money Reserve is a privately owned precious metals distributor operating world wide and headquartered in Austin, Texas and are a perfect source for anyone seeking to invest in recession proofed financial portfolio material. Product prices range from as little as little as twenty dollars to one thousand three hundred for their top end gold coins and bars such as their popular 1 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin or their 1 oz. Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin. And the best part is that the US Money Reserve has a money back guarantee refund policy within thirty days after purchase, so even if you decide that gold is not right for your financial portfolio, you can simply send it back with no downside.

If you are interested in learning more about the US Money Reserve or wish to contact them for a purchase they can be reached through either their Facebook page their LinkedIn account or through their Twitter. They can also be reached via telephone, toll free, at 1-866-646-8465.

iFunding, Pure Genius in the Real Estate Investment Market

iFunding is the first opportunity that allows the user to fund deals very efficiently and quickly without having to talk to others about the opportunity. The iFunding platform welcomes all developers and real estate operators to the existing financing marketplace to take advantage of the largest online real estate crowdfunding platform. It is also the longest running platform in existence which has connected thousands of institutional investors and individuals to projects that require financing. Every state in the United States of America has projects like office buildings, retail, hospitality and many others that could become an investment opportunity.

Facebook shows that iFunding allows the user to apply immediately and receive an opportunity to list the project. All that the customer has to do is complete an online financing request form in order to receive immediate feedback. If the customer has any questions regarding the deal feel free to call into iFunding or speak to some of our online representatives. The team of professionals at iFunding will formalize a term sheet as well as complete the underwriting. For more information regarding this process be sure to check the FAQ section of the iFunding website. The process is very simple and can be done by anyone with basic computer knowledge.

The main focus at iFinding is to track commitments, preferences and solicitation of all the investors in the existing network. The efficient LLC model at iFunding allows the team to take care of the investment entity structure. The team will also help the customer create the project description, documentation and any images that they might want to add. This allows the customer to completely focus on the project while leaving the rest up to iFunding. Real Estate investment opportunities have never been this simple.

The founder and creator of iFunding, William Skelley, saw the opportunity to leverage an online social platform that allows accredited investors to invest in real estate opportunities directly through their online platform. Prior to this it was very difficult for individuals to take part in large investment opportunities as the risk and up front capital were to great.

On Twitter it’s clear William has had a number of years experience in several other firms. In January 2005 he founded the Pallas Global Bank which is an international real estate investment bank based out of New York. The bank specializes in debt and equity placement.

Popular Methods To Shrink Your Jeans For A Comfortable Fit


Place Them In A Pot Of Boiling Water

The most popular method to shrink your jeans for a more comfortable fit is to place them in a pot of boiling water, adding just a dash of salt. Let them boil for 30 minutes. Drain them in a colander and either drip dry or toss them in the dryer.

Jump In The Tub With Your Jeans On

Want a more intimate experience while shrinking your jeans? Consider wearing your jeans while you take a bath. The same rule holds true as it did for placing your jeans in a pot of boiling water. Your bath water must be hot, not scalding, but as hot as you can tolerate. Remove yourself and wear the jeans until dry.

Into The Washing Machine On The Hot Cycle

If you’re skittish around boiling or very hot water, be cautious and toss them into the washing machine on the hot water cycle. Don’t add detergent or fabric softener, just water.

The Lab

Experiment with your jeans! Combine 3/4 cup hot water and 1/4 cup fabric softener, mix and spray the area you want to shrink, then toss into the dryer.

JustFab, Inc., is the world’s leading online site for women who want the latest styles and trends in women’s apparel. You probably remember seeing JustFab featured on Project Runway. Clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes can be found at as well as