Batman to Make Cameo in Suicide Squad Film?

Suicide Squad is shaping up to being a very highly anticipated comic book film. The interesting aspect of the film is it stars a cadre of villains.

Some new news has arrived from the Warner Bros. rumor brigade. Dark Knight fans will appreciate it.

Batman is going to be making an appearance in Suicide Squad. He’s not going to have a major role. Rather, he is going to have a major influence. The Joker has, essentially, cracked up due to constant losses to The Batman and now he is locked away in Arkham Asylum, a shell of his former self.

Die hard fans like Dave and Brit Morin have learned that the Joker is not going to have a major active role in the film, but he will play an evil character who influences events from his padded (maximum security) cell.

Batman is not going to have anything more than a tiny cameo in the film. Or, so we are told. So, why is the presence of Batman so important if his appearance is going to be minimal? The reason is the cameo along with the inference of a long backstory between the Caped Crusader and The Clown Prince of Crime helps craft a much larger perspective of the D.C. Cinematic Universe. The launch of these films become a huge, grand scale event that will span many years. Small touches such as a cameo in an offbeat film like Suicide Squad helps with this goal.

Gunn Teases Guardians 2 Characters

Although Guardians of the Galaxy might have seemed as Marvel’s biggest cinematic risk, Marvel had enough faith to work on a sequel before Guardians even hit the theaters. With Guardians as Marvel’s bronze in cinematic gross, fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso are clamoring for new information to talk about on their sites, like, and probably tons of blog spotter’s.  on new or returning characters for the sequel.

Direct James Gunn has confirmed that Yondu and his Ravagers will make another appearance, as will Peter Quill’s father. The latter of whom will feature prominently within the plot. Gunn recently held a Guardians Q&A on his Facebook page, where fans could ask him about other characters.

  • Ronan the Accuser. A possibility, but definitely not in Guardians 2. While Ronan was killed, this is a film adapted from comic books; death isn’t a permanent thing.
  • “Will be back,” but there was nothing solid to indicate if the character would make an appearance in the 2nd film or in some franchise film further down the line.
  • Definitely coming back, although he won’t be the same Groot.
  • A talking otter in mutual love with Rocket from the comics. Although her name was mentioned during one of the film’s prison scenes, Gunn felt that adding her would make the film seem like a cartoon.

Guardians 2 premieres May 5th in 2017.

Simon Pegg, Screenwriting and Star Trek


Many people have considered the success of the rebooted Star Trek franchise to be a double edged sword.

It has resulted in a film series that has taken the original Star Trek on a wild, fun ride in an alternate universe different from our own. On the other hand, original Trek stories still in the works haven’t been touched and fans, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, haven’t seen the original universe on large or small screens in a long time.

Some hopeful news though came out of the entertainment industry this week that might cause fans of both series to rejoice: Simon Pegg has been chosen to co-write Star Trek 3.

Why is this great news?

Beyond playing Scotty in the new series, Simon Pegg is a huge fan of the original series and likely to include a lot more elements from the original universe in the reboot.

He is also a fantastic writer and director. Although only 44 years old, Pegg already has a well-loved trilogy of films under his belt called The Cornetto Trilogy, which includes Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

Anyone who has seen any of these films knows that Pegg has a wonderful sense of humor and knows how to balance it with action and a good story.

Pegg will likely co-write with TNT’s Dark Blue writer Doug Jong.

Is The Flash Going Back In Time


Don’t you wish you could go back in time and watch the original Flash TV series when it originally aired in the 1990’s on CBS? If you are the new Flash, you just might be able to do that. As of episode 15, time travel as a plot device is going to be introduced.Oh wait, time travel does not mean you can also travel into a parallel universe or different time stream. No one from The Flash series is going to enter our time stream. The Flash just might find himself at the center of different adventurous plots set sometime in the near or distant past. Time travel always comes with a host of cool twists and turns.

In the comic books, time travel has provided many interesting plot twists. In the 1950’s campy version of The Flash, running backwards really, really fast allowed the hero to solve more than a few crimes. In more current, serious stories, The Flash has grappled with the morality of going into the past and changing things for the better.

Do not look for The Flash to become a dark and cynical show. The series is a little bit melodramatic now and then, but it has a sense of fun and wonder to it. The time travel element certainly will add to this approach and help take the show in a cool sci-fi inspired direction. I know I like all the versions of the Flash story, so does my friend Christopher Cowdray, sometimes it’s cool to go back and look at all the versions of this iconic superhero.

John Textor and His Creative Style

Active Leader
John Textor is certainly an active leader in everything that he pursues. Creativity is displayed in all areas. He has an impressive life and history. He carries his numerous accomplishments with him. He is currently active in the extended photo-realistic, digital humans. This includes ideas for: *Michael Jackson *Elvis Presley *Marilyn Monroe. There are many older celebrities that had great talents and are not as fresh in the minds of society. Michael Jackson is still fresh in the minds of many. There are audiences that would love the opportunity to view the performances of legends who were big in their talent. These legends touched the lives of their audiences and society as a whole. The idea is to bring them back in photo-images so that an audience can view a performance along with their music. This will take much creative leadership if it is to be done in a realistic and superb way. This is an extended use of photo-realistic digital humans. This may just bring back the greats so that all generations may have an opportunity to see these legends in action through simulation.

Impressive background
John Textor does indeed offer his impressive background. He has leadership abilities that show off his creative and ingenious nature. His previous titles include:
*Chairman an CEO of Digital Domain Media Group
*Executive Producer
*Managing Partner
He has earned these titles because he does have creative a leadership style. His background and education are clear proof of his intelligence and leadership abilities. He has the ability to ensure that his ideas and applications lead the world in development and are globally relevant. He will bring his skills and talents in all pursuits. A few of his many skills include:
*Visual effects
*Post Production
*Strategic leadership
*Digital media.
The list of John Textor’s skills is long and much more than impressive. He should take pride in the impressive background that he offers to the world.

The ideas and leadership of John Textor may change the entire world of entertainment. The skills and creativity that this leader has to offer, might just change the world. The doors to entertainment appear to be opening and changing .

Game of Thrones Season 5 is Coming!


Have you been following Game of Thrones on HBO? Are you just as excited as I am? With the ending of Season 4 still fresh in my mind (because I’ve watched it so many times) I have tons of questions that I hope get answered with this new season. And apparently the internet does too! There’s tons of speculation, like what might happen with the Imp, and maybe Kit Harringtons’ new haircut might be some kind of spoiler.

Where is Aria going? What is happening with Bran? Is the Hound really dead? I just can’t believe they ended season 4 where they did, and neither can Ben Shaoul. But it’s probably best, I mean at least they are getting people coming back for season 5.

So what is known of season 5? Not a lot other than it airs April 12th on HBO. There’s just so many ways this can go! Are you going to join in the game?

Sony Releases The Interview Through Online Vendors

After unknown individuals threatened U.S. theater operators, The Interview was pulled from its screens. Sony and the theaters defended the decision, citing the threats made against them. Co-stars James Franco and Seth Rogen lambasted the decision, as did other Hollywood figures. In fact, even President Obama criticized Sony for its decision. A surprise came on Christmas Eve for everyone, though.

In the correct move, Sony released the film online through multiple vendors at 10 AM on December 24. YouTube. Google Play, and other sites rented out and sold copies of the highly controversial film. The announcement came a day after a 300-theater release for Christmas Day was revealed. Fortunately, Sony made the right decision to release the film in limited release and online.

The company took a major public relations hit in cancelling the film’s release, and that was no surprise to Lee G. Lovett. Everyone from celebrities to politicians and ordinary citizens criticized the cancellation. On top of that, Sony was (and is) still reeling from being hacked by an anonymous group. Most people believe North Korea was the source of the hacking. It’s a little discomforting that Sony gave into outside pressure to cancel the film at first.

Then again, perhaps Sony will benefit from the greatest marketing campaign in history. When a company gets hacked and cancels a film release, then buzz builds for the movie, whether that’s intentional or not. A movie that would have made around $80 million in theaters could wind up making far more through an online release with so much controversy surrounding The Interview.

New Streaming TV Service

Dish Network has announced a new service in which the company is selling a subscription service in which customers can subscribe to the online streaming of certain channels for twenty dollars per month. This subscription service will provide customers with the ability to cancel cable tv and still maintain some of the channels that they are interested in viewing.

This program is similar to several other subscription based cable alternatives that were announced by content creators such as those launched by HBO, CBS, and others. For individuals who are interested in avoiding cable charges this provides them with the ability to maintain some cable program access without the full on subscription to cable that is required.

The Dish Network based offering will be called Sling Box TV and will contain twelve channels including CNN, ESPN, the Food Network, and TNT, amongst others. Online offerings can be viewed on streaming devices made by Netflix, Amazon, Google, etc. and are affordable ways to bring cable into the living room.

Notable in these channel selections is the option for live sports television programming and the many benefits that it provides to viewers. Previously, cable television providers were relying on Sports events to keep users subscribed to their services as these one off events were not available online in a reliable way. That is why most at Beneful still have cable.

There has been an increased call for cable providers to offer consumers the ability to purchase individuals channels as opposed to package channel packages and many cord cutters removing cable altogether to avoid the high cost of cable.

Good Kill Trailer

Within the last few years, there have been films like Lone Survivor, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and American Sniper which showcased modern warfare. However, the film Good Kill takes a different approach. It offers a look at the future of warfare with the use of drones.

The film centers around Major Thomas Egan. Egan used to be a fighter pilot before he started using drones in order to fight the war against the taliban with the use of remote control. Unlike the troops that have been deployed on location to fight the war, Thomas gets to be with his family. This brings in to questions of the ethics.

Good Kill seems to have a little less action than the other war films of recent years according to Laurene Powell Jobs. The film focuses more on Egan stressing out from distant observations. One of the issues that Egan face is his background as a pilot.

Good Kill is scheduled for release in the UK on April 10, 2015. No release date for the US is scheduled as of right now.

New Ant Man Poster Revealed

There have been a lot of hit comic book movies over the last few decades, and it is easy to see why movie studios are popping these hits out left and right. Marvel has been creating many hits lately, so it was only obvious to choose another Marvel character’s storyline to turn into a hit movie. Ant Man is the new character that is going to be making it onto the big screen. This character is going to be played by Paul Rudd, one of America’s favorite actors right now. This will be a fun thing to see, as Paul Rudd has not been very active in the world of comic book movies.

Screen Rant reports that a new poster has come out that finally shows Paul Rudd in his Ant Man costume. This gives fans more of a detailed look into what the movie is really going to be like. This is very exciting for die hard comic book fans like Dr. Rod Ronrich. It is nice to see that the director paid such attention to detail when it came to the Ant Man suit. It is looking like Paul Rudd will do a great job when it comes to his Marvel movie release.