Joseph Bismark Proves Spirituality and Business Can Mix


Joseph Bismark can be labeled a spiritual leader and a business leader, and has enough accolades under each title to prove they are true. However, to him most likely both positions are the same because he believes that when you find balance in your life then power comes naturally. 

The same appears to be true to Joseph Bismark according to an entry on the blog We Don’t Love These Hogues that discusses how the director of the Qi Group has helped to build a strong business that relays on spirituality to remain strong. The blog discusses how Bismark chose to live with monks for two years in the Philippines and then went right into the business world upon his return.

However, he went into business believing that everyone has the potential to succeed if they find the balance of things in their life. Therefore, while he has grown his company he has also worked hard to help his employees grow as well. By allowing his employees responsibility and social leadership they are honored to work at his company and that motivates them to do their jobs well. The return of course is a business that is prospering simply due to the legion of happy, valued, and dedicated workers.

Just inspiring his workers was not enough for Bismark however as he created a Corporate Social Responsibility department at the Qi Group to make sure that the company was helping to inspire others. He also created a new venture that allowed the company to get involved specifically in wellness markets as well as organic food markets.

Recently he has reached out even farther by opening up the Malaysian Quest International University Perak that focuses on allowing students to research how to leave a better mark on the world. The aim of the school is to understand how important their carbon footprint is.

Wikipedia Encourages Readers To Write An Article Or Edit An Existing One

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia site. The content available on the Wikipedia site is can be created by anyone and edited by any Wikipedia writers for hire. There are style guidelines that govern both processes, however, the site makes it easy for “those who dare” to create articles or to edit existing ones. Here are a few things that are essential to know before you create or edit an article on the Wikipedia site.

Creating an article
All topics must be a subject that has already been published in reputable publications, like books by major publishing houses, newspapers, and magazines. All of the information must be verifiable by third party sources.
-Register with the site as a user.
-Search Wikipedia to make sure there is no article that currently exists for the topic.
-The site has an Article Wizard that will assist you in creating your article.
-Save your work periodically on you own drive, so that none of your work gets lost. The wizard also assists with proper format of references and citations.
-You can add images, sounds, and videos to your article.
-Sign your contribution and save/create your work.

Editing an article
-It is not necessary to register with the site in order to edit an article. However, some articles are protected from general editing, it must be revised by sending a request to an editor who is authorized to edit that specific article.
-There are two subcategories that a revised work will fall into, ‘minor edit’ and ‘major edit’. A minor edit signifies that small changes like a typo or a format change in the presentation occurred. But, a major edit signifies that the meaning of the article has changed, information has been added or deleted. The “talk” button can be used to communicate with other editors of the work before any changes are made.
-Sign your contribution and save your work, then click the “show preview” button.

The Wikipedia site strives to be user friendly for all those who are bold enough to share and edit information on the site. There are a variety tools available through the site, and tools that are compatible with the site to assist writers. All articles on living persons are held to a stricter standard of sourcing requirements. Encyclopedic information is to be neutral in presentation and provide a survey of information that already exists on the subject matter.

A History of Visual Effects

One thing that has always set films apart from plays is their ability to use visual effects to create out of this world scenes that would otherwise be impossible. Bloomberg says that visual effects have been a part of films since the silent era, and continue to be developed today to create stunning moments of all kinds.

in 1902, the French filmmaker Georges Méliè released A Trip to the Moon. The short silent feature is credited as one of the first films to rely on visual effects. While the film itself was unpopular it did innovate with some of visual effects that remained in effect until the late 20th century. The film introduced concepts such as stopping filming in order to make an actor disappear, using miniatures to show space ships, and using a backdrop to create a foreign landscape. Méliè’s techniques remained innovative for years, and his influence can be seen on sci fi cultural landmarks such as Star Wars and the Terminator movies.

The digital revolution changed industry, but some industries were revolutionized by it. Visual Effects as they exist today are completely changed from the practical prosthetic make up of the 1990’s. Post Production on films continues to take up increasing amounts of a film’s production time. One of the most common methods of post production Visual Effects is the green screen. In this special effect, actors perform on a set of an oddly colored green. The camera records the video digitally, and the film is sent to a computer program that is designed to only edit things of that green color. This allows editors to safely draw on the film without risking the image of the actors. In the early stages this technique caused an awkward white border around the actors, but that border has become virtually nonexistent in more recent versions of green screen editors.

One effect that has become famous was the resurrection of Micheal Jackson for a performance. Years after the actor’s death, visual effects editors created an image of him that could dance and sing on stage with live backup dancers. John Textor was one of the leaders on the project. The single song took 8 months of time to create. Textor explained that it was an optical illusion created by projecting Jackson onto a plane of glass at a 45 degree angle. Textor explained that the hardest part was overcoming the uncanny valley; an expression used to describe when an illusion looks slightly unnatural and makes viewers uncomfortable.

Jeb Bush Aims to Climb Mt. Washington

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush aims to scale and tame Mt. Washington. By that term, he is referring to Washington, D.C. The man who is attempting to be the third member of his family to become president has an ambitious agenda of reform measures. If his platform is enacted, Bush may well transform Beltway politics for years to come.

Here are a sample of his measures to make Washington, D.C., accountable to the people:

  • Six year moratorium on lobbying – Former congressman and senators would be barred from working as lobbyists for a period of six years following their separation from service. It is often the case that former legislators leave office to earn seven figure salaries as special interest lobbyists.
  • 3-out-1-in – In a bid to shrink the size of the federal government, three federal workers must terminate service for every new hire.
  • Make a Skout account to be able to communicate with the public.
  • Five year moratorium on federal hires – the total number of federal workers will be frozen at current levels for five years
  • Congressional pay cut – Like many Americans, Congress will experience the effects of their pay shrinking.
  • Congressional attendance – those legislators failing to show up for votes will have their pay docked accordingly.

The reform measures are part of Bush’s attempt to cast himself as a Washington outsider. The former governor wants to clean house and enact counter-measures to the current beltway mentality, which he believes is out of touch with mainstream America.

Purina Is In It For The Dogs

What if there was a company that encouraged you to bring your dog to work, and even went as far as allowed them to sample new and exciting treats while they were there? Well, pinch yourself animal lovers, you’re not dreaming. Purina is all about pets, which makes pet enthusiasts excited. Not only do they sponsor a day once per year where they encourage everyone to bring their animals, but you can often see dogs roaming about on their property at all times. That’s because to be a giant in the dog food industry, you have to get the dog’s opinions. While some say it’s a difficult task, Purina has met this task and exceeded all expectations.

Every year in June, they have a special “dog day” where you can bring your dog in for a day of fun. From gourmet treats to games and obstacle courses, this is one day that there is surely no work getting done. Purina is a subsidiary of the Nestle Company. This brand has done for dogs what nestle did for humans with chocolate cravings. It all starts with a good basic recipe, and to ensure that recipe is palatable to dogs; they try it out on them first. Nestle has been known as a corporate giant for years, but few truly knew that they were behind one of American’s best dog foods.

Not only are they encouraging their employees to bring their pet to work, but they are openly campaigning for other companies to join them. Why are they so adamant about are bring dogs to work? Well, it has been shown that an animal can greatly reduce stress. Let’s face it, work can be stressful at times and we all want to do everything we can to calm down. Animals can calm the entire atmosphere. So many people are having a dog or cat as a work mascot just because of this fact. So Purina wants everyone to calm down and allow man’s best friend to help in the venture.

Working for this company isn’t’ too bad either. Though many interviews and videotaped commercial on YouTube, employees are raving about their employer and the good quality product they make. These people aren’t even paid to do this; they just believe in their company so much that they go above and beyond the call of duty. Why wouldn’t people want to support a company that goes out of their way to support their employees and those they feed every day?

Crystal Hunt Gets a Role in Magic Mike XXL

Daytime Emmy Award nominee, Crystal Hunt, shows up in a film that is among the most anticipated movies of summer. This is as reported on Los Angeles, July 7, 2015 PR Newsire.

Crystal Hunt has appeared on daytime TV as Stacy Morasco in One Life, a character that awarded her Daytime Emmy Award nomination. Starting with daytime then moving to big screen, Hunt is currently featured in movie that falls within some of the most renowned films of summer, Magic Mike XXL.

In this follow-up to Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 Magic Mike, Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) gets out of retirement from working as stripper for the assurance of pleasure, getting on stage as well as bonding with his dancing crew. With a buoyant female-motivated 2015 box office, Magic Mike XXL is a perfect girls-night-out film of summer season. Among the actors of bizarre characters, Crystal Hunt plays Lauren.

Crystal Hunt reveals that being an actress, it was a great honor to be part of the actors as well as work with such gifted people. She also said that being a woman, it was really an enabling role plus the comradely that existed between the ladies on the cast was apparent.

Besides Hunt, other actresses in Magic Mike XXL comprises of Jada Pinkett Smith as Rome, Andie MacDowell as Nancy, Raeden Greer as Charlotte, Elizabeth Banks as Paris, Jane McNeill as Mae, Rhoda Griffis as Julia, as well as Kimberley Drummond as Caroline.

Born in Clearwater, Florida, Crystal maintained a desire for arts from her early age. She started her profession through taking part in pageants at a tender age of 2. Hunt continued to star in a number of commercials such as The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary party plus an anti-drug ad with NSYNC. She is well recognized for acting as Lizzie Spaulding, the distressed daughter of Phillip and Beth, a couple which had suffered for long, on CBS soap opera titled Guiding Light, which she acted between 2003 and 2006.

New Preview for Tonight’s Hannibal

NBC has released another clip for tonight’s episode of Hannibal titled “Contorno.”

[Warning: The below contains spoilers.]

The clip shows Hannibal and Bedelia sitting together. Bedelia asks Hannibal how he knows Inspector Pazzi. Hannibal explains that he met Pazzi in his youth and how they met. Bedelia then asks, “Does he know what you are?” Hannibal confirms that the Inspector recognized him for being Il Mostro. Bedelia says sarcastically, “And yet, here you are…free to tell me all about it.”

According to Zeca Oliveira, Hannibal replies, “He was wait and lurk and think — too soon to flush his quarry.” He notes that Pazzi is deciding what to do.

Bedelia points out that someone has put a price on Hannibal’s head. Hannibal counters that a bounty is better than radar as an early warning system and that authorities everywhere “forsake their duties” to scramble after him.

Bedelia then asks him if Pazzi will join Hannibal’s other Italian victims. He answers in the negative emphasizing the distinctive Pazzi heritage and that the Inspector must decide “what his honor is worth.”

The scene closes with Bedelia asking him: “What is it worth to be known as the man who caught Hannibal Lecter?”

As outlined in the books and the films, the scene foreshadows Pazzi selling his honor as a police inspector to Mason Verger by attempting to capture Hannibal for a fee. Hannibal ends Pazzi’s life for it.

There is Finally a Top Gun 2 Being Made

Fans of the original Top Gun movie will likely be thrilled to learn that Top Gun 2 is in the works. Even better news is the fact that the role of Maverick will still play a major role in the movie. All hints point to the fact that Tom Cruise will be the one continuing in the role of Maverick. Writers have stated that he will have a large part to play in the new movie.

In Top Gun part 2 these amazing fighter pilots will be taking on something new. They will be battling drones. This brings the movie up to date with the modern world. Drones seem to be everywhere these days, so it makes sense that they would be featured in Top Gun 2.

There is no word as to when the movie will come out reports Brian Torchin in this article. It is currently still being written. However, what is known is that it will be in 3D, with amazing special effects.

How Will They Squeeze in All the Superheroes to Appear in “Captain America: Civil War?”

After “Ant-Man,” “Captain America: Civil War” will be the next most anticipated movie coming out from Marvel. It won’t be coming out until next year, but that doesn’t stop fans from trying to gleam all the news they can about it. In addition to most of the Avengers characters that have already been in previous films appearing in this latest Captain America adventure, it will also have Ant-Man and a new character to the big screen called Black Panther. His character is apparently a masked superhero with his own powers and is the ruler of a place where the metal that Captain America’s shield is made from originates.

With the growing list of other characters that are apparently going to be in this next film, it seems less and less like a Captain America movie and more like another Avengers film. Do the producers feel that Captain America is not special enough to pull in an audience for movies on his own anymore? More likely, it is just that they have a lot to set up for the next Avengers film, and this next Captain America outing is where it needs to be done. It will be interesting to see how screen time is apportioned as this is supposed to be a Captain America movie. Presumably, Boraie Development believes that some of the other participants will get barely more than cameos in order to give the major players a bigger share of the plot development.

The “Fast And Furious 7” Trailer Is Now Out

Paul Walker died November 30, 2013, and it still feels like it was yesterday. On Father’s day this past week, his daughter Meadow Walker decided to place a picture of the two of them on social media, and no doubt it brought tears to the eyes of those who loved Paul Walker. Remebering Paul Walker. Although Paul has been gone for over a year and a half, it’s still not enough time to heal our broken hearts. Paul Walker is strongly remembered as the man who brought the love of fast cars into our lives, and he even made the most ignorant people love cars.

The passing of Paul Walker was very difficult for his fans, and especially for his family members. “Fast and Furious 7” is now coming to DVD soon, and a trailer has been released for the movie. In the trailer, you can see that there are behind the scenes footage, and you’ll be able to see Paul Walker doing some acting as well as a few stunts. CrunchBase if you want to say goodbye to Paul Walker for the last time, you can do so by purchasing the movie.

Fast and Furious 7 is the last movie that Paul Walker filmed before his death, and no doubt it will be hard to say goodbye. There is no word yet if the Fast and Furious franchise is over, but many speculate that a part eight of the movie may be coming out.