Makari, Celebrating Luxury Skin Care

 Youth and beauty, sought after by many. Skin care products line the shelves of stores and pile up on the bathroom vanities of homes. Many are used and then quickly discarded due to broken promises.
Makari is a leading brand that has entered the skin care market with the intent of leaving no broken promises in its path. Makari means “beautiful” in Swahili. The products are proving they can live up to their name. They specialize in exfoliating, tone, tightening, or moisturize your skin. At Makari, they take their time creating their products using the most nutrient-rich ingredients so that the products they sell are high quality, with fast-acting results.
The Makari brand is leading the world in skin whitening creams and skin lightening products. They help to Reduces Dark Spots, Fades Acne Scars while fighting the signs of aging. Some of their favorite items include Clarifying Whitening Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap, Makari Oralight, and Skin Repairing Clarifying Serum.
Makari is so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that they allow online reviews of each item to be left. Just visit their site, read the reviews of the items you would like to try and purchase!
Makari also leads the industry in customer service. If you are in need of some assistance in making the right choice, just out the contact form located on the website and they will be in touch to walk you through every step of the selection process. Your satisfaction is important! Still unsure? Login to Makari and order the free Makari Sample! The sample includes a luxury skin lightening cream that lightens your skin naturally and safely. This free sample of either the Body Beautifying Milk, Skin Repairing; Clarifying Serum or Night Treatment Cream contains a sufficient amount for approximately 4 applications. Just pay shipping and handling! Makari knows the products work and after your free sample, you will be back!

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Lovaganza – A Future Filled with Hope

It is an ambitious goal to say the least but to founders Genevieve and J. F. Gagnon, the vision of creating a worldwide human chain for peace is a goal they truly hope to achieve.

The mission: To bring a universal quality of life for all humanity. A pretty tall order to say the least but so was manned flight, landing on the moon and the ability to see beyond our own galaxy, great achievements that we do not give so much as a second thought to these days. And maybe someday a universal quality of life will be just as commonplace. But to attain such a lofty goal will require an incredible outreach of cooperation and a shared belief in the human spirit.

Described as the “mother of all foundations” the success of Lovaganza is centered around a concept of unifying organizations and foundations which share a common hope for humanity throughout the world. That hope is to inspire a celebration of culture, dance and music that will bring together the uniqueness of people from 237 countries that span across 5 continents and practice the 17 principal religions that all stand as one.

Through the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, funds will be generated to finance the work necessary to achieve each of the foundations milestones as well as fund its various programs and documentaries created to inspire awareness and participation in the global campaign for humanity.

The first milestone of Lovaganza is to realize a universal quality of life for each and every child on earth by the year 2035. That universal quality of life is to include access to safe drinking water and food; a safe place to sleep; adequate clothing; access to basic education; access to basic healthcare and safe environment for all children in the world to live.

Once a universal quality of life has been brought to the children, the second milestone of Lovaganza is to extend the same universal quality of life for all humanity by the year 2050.

By taking philanthropy to a greater and universal level, a renewed hope for humanity can in fact be achieved. This is the hope of Lovaganza.

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Changing with the Climate

KCRW’s “Press Play with Madeline Brand” speaks with Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Squaw Valley boasts some of the largest ski areas in the United States and Madeleine wanted to know how the increasingly warm winters have been affecting the winter sports and resorts of California.

Bottom Line? Although attendance has dropped 20% this past winter, Mr. Wirth was optimistic. “I still have quite a bit of skiing,” he replied when asked how the increasingly warm winters have been affecting the company.

Mr. Andy Wirth elaborated by saying that he and his colleagues across the nation’s resorts have been able to create more and more snow and are also shifting their focus to include all-year events such as weddings and athletic competitions.

This past winter, Squaw Valley Resort only accumulated enough snow to have 4,000 out of a total of 6,000 acres of available slopes and trails available for skiing. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

But by creating artificial snow and managing the business against climate, Mr. Wirth was very confident in the future of his and others’ winter destination. “We take managing this resource very seriously,” Mr. Andy Wirth went on to ask-and answer-“What is our legacy?.”

He is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the resort and working with renewable energies in response to a changing climate. “We care very deeply about these mountains,” Wirth concluded. Having served Squaw Valley Ski Holdings since 2010, its CEO is certain that Californians and people across the world will be able to enjoy Squaw Valley for years to come.

Yes, the climate is changing but Andy Wirth will change right along with it and provide us all with a place to enjoy the dramatic and varied landscapes that the Golden State has always achieved and continues to offer.

Kyle Bass Can Say Nothing Very Eloquently

Kyle Bass is saying conflicting things about China’s economy which, when critically examined, reveal a cavalcade of non-statements.

On the one hand, since October 2015, Bass has been predicting economic implosion for the country. In a recent interview, he said that there’s a likelihood between forty and fifty percent that China’s economy will reach a threshold which drops the bottom out forcing a bailout. He said there won’t be a “Lehman Brothers moment”, but that the end of 2016 could see China’s diminished economy affecting the United States. Then, in a recent Bloomberg interview, he seemed to backpedal a bit, saying that if China decides to “materially” devalue their currency, it could be one of the most historically exciting times to invest in China. This seems hard to grasp, given that regardless of 2016’s economic drop, Bass has regularly stated the Chinese economic dissolution will happen within two to three years. Why would it be exciting to invest right now with such a drop inevitably in the future?

When Bass’ remarks are critically examined, here’s what they boil down to: “China could do good or bad.” That’s something anyone could say about anything, at any time, anywhere. It’s not cogent financial exposition, it smacks of the manipulative. Investors with capital but not experience will definitely withhold their investiture based on Bass’ remarks, which will have a statistical effect on China’s economy that could be enough to push it the direction Bass predicts. What he’s basically telling the world is that if his tactics pay off, he’s going to make more millions on an underhanded financial transaction which is part and parcel to an economy’s decline.

Bass uses CAD to undercut pharmaceuticals by forcing price drops which gouge their stock, allowing him to short-sell. CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, preys on the sympathy of the public and their infirm relations. But when they undercut pharmaceuticals, they undercut research and development, which leads to cures. So really, Bass is getting sick people to shoot themselves in the foot and think the blood-loss a health treatment. Why wouldn’t he do the same to investors if he could get away with it?

Try Out Skout To Find Friendship Or Love

Choosing Skout as a dating application will mean that a person is making themselves inclusive to the online dating world, and this is great because online dating has skyrocketed and has become the first choice when it comes to dating. Those who want to date online will choose to do so because of the large quantity of online daters that are available compared to dating any other way. On the Skout network, there are over 200 million current users, and many of those users are looking for a date, so this gives any person in the world a lot of choices for dating.

Those who want to date can choose what area they want to look for people, and they can look for those who are very close to their home or even someone who is overseas. If a person knows that they will eventually move back to their home country, which is Australia or China, or the UK, then they can use Skout application to start looking for a partner in that country. It’s even possible for them to make friends with someone in the country they are moving back to and to continue talking to that person through Skout once they go back home.

Friendship is also available on the Skout network, which expands the usefulness of the application, and this means that anyone who doesn’t want to date can choose to find a friend instead. Those who are open-minded and don’t care if they find friends from their local area or in another part of the world will love the Skout network. Not only can a person find a great friend in New York or Georgia but they can also choose every other state as well as over 180 other countries to find a friend on the Skout network. Many who talk to others on Skout will do it through the Skout application, which is incredibly easy to use.

The Skout app is free to download and has many features, such as the shake to chat feature, Skout Travel, and one can send greetings to others as well as virtual gifts via the application. Only if a person chooses to purchase services on the Skout network will they have to use their Skout points. The Skout network also makes it easy for those who want to buy Skout points by allowing them to pay for it with a valid debit or credit card.

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Justice and Jail: Securus Technologies’ Fight for Fairness

I believe that everyone should be accountable for their own decisions and that no one should be exempt from the consequences of their actions. Securus Technologies is attempting to shed light on the wrongdoings of prison inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL). It does not matter if the services are focused on inmates, corrections officers, or the general public the fact of the matter is that fair is fair. Securus Technologies, based out of Dallas Texas, plans to release a myriad of reports that highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link, as reported by PR newswire.

I must concur with Richard Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, in his sentiments. He states that he loves the industry and “serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends/family members, and all of societ.” He also believes in the core values of Securus Technologies, “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”
Global Tel Link has been proven to manipulate the timing of calls from inmates, charge higher than permitted rates, inflate billing practices, and double charge calls. All of which cost taxpayers millions of dollars. While the services are provided to the penile system, I cant help but ask myself who the real crooks are.
Securus America Technologies has proven to be a leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are trustworthy and determined to make the industry better. By highlighting the lack of integrity by Global Tel Link, Securus Technologies seeks to bring fair and consistent service to all.


Choosing a Reputation Management Service

A company’s online presence takes patience to build, and it crumbles with bad press. You can build a positive reputation on Yelp and Yahoo! Local, and negative comments can deter potential customers from visiting your establishment. Finding an online reputation management service can correct those missteps and steer your company in the right direction. With so many websites flagging you down, which company should you choose?

The best online management companies:
• Build and monitor the company’s online presence (website, blog, social media sites, etc)
• Ensure the online presence reaches the first page of search results
• Protect, promote, and maintain brand image
• Stop, combat, and prevent scandals and bad publicity

The first thing consumers do when investigating a company is search Google, Bing, MSN, or Yahoo. After searching, the results should never include negative press about the company on the first and second pages. Instead, the first and second pages should contain online presence and positive, relevant stories. Why is that important? The online presence provides visibility, verification, longevity, and value to companies. Consumers crave an authentic, human connection between the customer and company to find trusted updates and to address customer concerns. The authoritative presence is a way to control a company’s brand image. It’s a bonus if reputation management companies go above the bullet list. Consequently, stay away from companies offering less.

Give special attention to Better Reputation is your defense mechanism against negative comments, blog posts, or publicity. The company understands Google’s importance along with other vital websites. They also know your company’s value to customers and potential business partners. Better Reputation learns about your company and acts/reacts based on the company’s best interests. The great news is the company offers a free quote. If you want assurance, there’s no better tag team partner than

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Wengie’s Top Six Exfoliation Products

Exfoliating is a necessity for skin. It improves elasticity, minimizes pores and wrinkles, and wipes away all the dead skin and dirt that attaches to our face throughout the day. Here are the top six exfoliating products that beauty blogger, Wengie, suggests.

1. Manual Scrubs

Anything that is sort of like a paste that you would place on your face and work into your skin is considered a manual scrub. These manual scrubs are usually everyone’s first introduction to exfoliating, including Wengie. They’re simple to use, affordable, and make the skin feel amazing. You would normally use one after taking a shower since that’s when your pores are wide open and ready to be cleaned.

2. Chemical Exfoliants

These are a bit more pricey but if you’re able then you should definitely look into including one of these into your skin care routine. Now, knowing your skin type is important when using anything chemical on your skin, especially your face. Most chemical exfoliators come in AHA for sun damaged and dry skin or BHA which is sensitive, oily, or acne prone skin. The difference between chemicals and manual is basically that one does the work for you. Chemicals break down the dead skin and free up the pores to be cleaned while any physical exfoliation is going to be breaking down the dead skin then wiping it away. Do keep an eye on the strength of chemical exfoliant you’re using as the wrong percentage could result in skin damage. The higher the percentage is essentially what’s called a chemical peel and this is where the first layer of skin is removed from your face.

3. Aqua Peeling Gels

This happens to be Wengie’s favorite exfoliating product. It’s a nice and smooth gel that you can actually see working once you start to rub it into your skin. It’s nice to see something actually being removed when using exfoliating products. It’s a nice reminder that although our skin may not look dirty there is still dirt and dead skin cells that could be clogging our pores. This type of exfoliator would be perfect for those that have sensitive skin and like manual scrubs. There isn’t much work involved but it’s not harsh on the skin as a chemical scrub might be.

4. Peeling Gels

This is the product that becomes essentially a mask once applied onto your face. It dries fairly quickly and you can simply peel it off once it’s been on for the recommended amount of time. This product can be used on the whole of your face but it’s most commonly used on the nose. It helps get rid of stubborn blackheads and any other clogged pores since the nose is complex and has many curves and nooks so it’s not the easiest to cleanse.

5. Face Towel

Back to basics with a face towel. This is the oldest form of exfoliation and will probably be around till the end of time. It’s fairly simple, there’s no need for gels or masks. Some water to dampen the towel and light scrubbing should be enough to clean your face from most of the buildup that’s clogging your pores. Wengie suggests keeping a few face towels in rotation and make sure that they’re washed properly. So as to avoid wiping old dirt and dead skin back onto your face.

6. Konjac Sponge

Konjac is a vegetable turned exfoliator. It has a smooth texture but there are tiny perforations throughout the sponge that help you exfoliate. This sponge can be used every day. It’s easy enough to just wet the sponge and then wipe over your face. The sponge is gentle enough to only strip away what’s clogging your pores and nothing more. You don’t want to strip your skin too much because oil’s are actually protecting our skin though it may be bothersome at times.


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White Shark Media Uses Constructive Criticism To Grow

There are many businesses and organizations out there that cover up or completely overlook complaints as well as feedback from their consumers. White Shark Media isn’t one of them, and they always accept all criticism regardless of it being negative or positive in nature.

Many large company’s have entire forums that are moderated where they can express their problems, but they are often overlooked. White Shark Media offers their customers to use social media in order to submit their questions or complaints. The staff at White Shark are always at the ready to handle feedback from their customers and handle any problems.

The company is always monitoring their sites for social media checking on activity, so anyone can feel free to hop on a site such as Facebook to express their questions to the company. This offers customers a fast and reliable way of interacting with the company’s staff and getting quick replies.

The company is especially happy about this because it allows them to handle and manage more situations more quickly. They accept all feedback will also never ignore or delete any messages from customers to avoid issues.

The White Shark Media Complaints is all about dealing with each customer directly and in a positive manner is the best way to deal with complaints, no matter what some other businesses do. Social media sites like Facebook are good to use not only because the huge number of people using them, but it is already actively worked on.

The company is always working towards furthering the overall communication between their customers when it’s possible. All customers have the ability to talk directly to White Shark staff members at any time to resolve any issues. Of course, White Shark Media can not always please every customer out there, just like any business. In any case, the company knows nearly every scenario can be handled without getting defensive and produce a positive outcome.

The folks at White Shark Media are expertise in design and marketing and provide their knowledge and expertise to all potential clients. When working with White Shark Media, each customer will interact and work with a single staff member throughout the process to ensure things never get confusing.

The company has earned many positive reviews from customers who have been happy with their results, which is largely attributed to the company’s dedication to total customer satisfaction.

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Kate Hudson Gets Pumped Up About Fabletics

Interviewers that want to get Kate Hudson excited know that all that they have to mention of one thing: Fabletics. This is the brand that gets women excited about working out. It is also the brand that founder Kate Hudson cannot stop talking about.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire there were questions asked about the Fabletics brand at, and Kate was happy to reply about the status of the brand that so many women have fallen in love with. It is necessary for people to realize that Kate Hudson has put her acting career on hold to follow this dream. She has become more than just a name that is attached to the Fabletics brand. To the contrary, Kate is a leader that has shown herself worthy of the praise that she has acquired for her work.

It is evident that she has a hand on what is happening with the brand. She is a co-founder that has special picks on the company website. She also has a strong desire to help with the design of many of the garments. All of these elements have made her the one to watch when it comes to this powerful workout gear. Many people are pleased to see her get this type of motivation about Fabletics, and that is just the way that she is. Hudson has the spirit of a strong entrepreneur that wanted to be more than just another name attached to a brand.

What she has spoken about a lot is the comfort of the Fabletics clothes. There may be some people that will not believe it until they try it. This is why there are more stores on the way. People are getting excited when they here this because they know that they can get clothes for working out instantly. They will not have to wait around for a shipment to get delivered. See:

It was certainly time for the brand to move beyond the Internet because the attention on this brand was strong. It was becoming a brand that would pick up a lot of crowds in American and beyond, but there were still many people that were missing out. There was still a whole new world that Hudson had not tapped into yet. That may be the reason why the brand is coming to a location near customers in lots of different cities.

The Kate Hudson magic is giving Fabletics that attention that it needs. She is a strong business personality that has managed to star in her own commercials. Her ability to promote through interviews is also powerful. Her persona makes her one to watch in the clothing industry. People naturally gravitate towards Kate Hudson.